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  1. abbixx

    WTB: BBS RS 17" 7.5" 4x100

    Looking for 7.5" (or anything near that) pcd 4x100 (or redrillable)
  2. abbixx

    Seat airbag resistor

    Read alot of threads about seat airbag resistors ment to bypass the airbag when you put it non airbagged seats, but never specific for an mk5/mk6. Other threads (for mk4) specify an 4.7 ohm 1/2 watt resistor. Can anyone confirm this? Pics for clicks :
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    No golf inside

    but i'll post anyway
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    Negative camber & Toe

    Does maxing out the camber affect the toe much on a mkv/jetta?
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    Jetta MKV - 10J ET41

    So according to d tek's specs for his jetta i made mine, ET38 had a bit too much poke so i took ET41 and 10J with 2.5" on my oz. I read f_399's topic about the inner clearance that was < than 5mm and with positive camber... Will this be a problem for me or do the Jetta's have more clearance...
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    WTB OEM US taillights for Jetta 5

    OEM US taillights for Jetta 5 (full red ones) Someone willing to ship them to Belgium?
  7. abbixx

    driveshaft gets pulled out.

    Since this is the third time i had to change the left driveshaft of my mkv i want an opinion. Since i semi notched (or even before) i think i keep pulling my driveshaft out of the transmission when dumping it to 0 bar. Endresult is when i let the clutch come i hear it cracking out of the...
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    at ride hight mkay

    and dropped...
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    Are these OEM US taillights or modified? If oem, anyone want to swap euro tails for these? My tails :
  11. abbixx

    only one

    Or 3... Will be getting a real photoshoot soon, tired of these meeting pics...
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    A damn hot sunday i mean
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    no more RHZW1

  15. abbixx

    RH ZW1 - 8.5 & 9.5 - 5x112 - 17" (EUROPE)

    RH ZW1 FOR SALE : Price : 1700€. 5x112 8.5 & 9.5 ET60 New Kumho ECSTA 195/40 - 205/40 (mounted 14 march 2010) Golden revets Porsche logos Powdercoated in RAL 1 fucked up lip with a scratch and bump on the 8.5. Pictures :
  16. abbixx

    Ready for 2010

    Some pictures of the car on Ultimate Dubs in the UK, too bad i lost a porsche cap on the way... :
  17. abbixx

    Bags and notch but no low(er).

    Car got notched last weekend, thought it was gonna be on the ground but it isn't. Before the car was laying on the axle and you could feel it when it got down. Now it stops left (same sound as hitting the axle right) and hangs in the notch on the right. I have no idea what is holding the car...
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    VAGFEST 2009 : 4 pics

  19. abbixx

    Bags and RH ZW1 17" 8.5J & 9.5J

    some highres :
  20. abbixx

    sneak peek

    mkv on bags and rh zw 17" One for now :