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  1. navyslideby

    FS Big Turbo 2008 FSI DSG

    All the details are both in my sig and in this craigslist listing Black magic with 58,000 miles. car makes 400whp, runs like a dream and I’m looking to sell or trade for an Adventure bike like a BMW GS etc. price is...
  2. navyslideby

    Midgets with BIG hammers

    Now that I've got your attention. I think i have a bad CV joint or something but i want to be sure before i tear into this thing and spend money on new joints. here are 2 videos. video 1 is 2 or 3 days before video 2, as you can see it is getting worse quickly and i am trying to refrain from...
  3. navyslideby

    Bluetooth Question

    So I've had my GTI for years and we just bought my wife a new VW Tiguan. She has full Bluetooth with A2DP and all. It's made me jealous. My car has an RCD510AF and I DO have bluetooth. However it is only for calls. I see no info anywhere on my mfd and my radio simply mutes and I can speak to...
  4. navyslideby

    vag-com in South Florida????

    Ok nvm on needing vag-com work, I'm now buying one. So if anyone in the West Palm area, or someone willing to travel to west palm, needs any vag-com work feel free to pm me. I should have it some time this upcoming week. You can also text me if you prefer, 561-351-7717 Thanks, Brandon
  5. navyslideby

    How Many People Know About This?

    So i don't know if this is a thing that not a lot of people have ever heard of or if im completely behind the curve and this is totally old news, but it made me laugh. Step 1 Open Youtube Step 2 Start playing any video Step 3 Pause said video Step 4 Simply type 1980. dont click anything, just...
  6. navyslideby

    Unexpected Results

    So this is just a quick story and review of the Autotech Pendulum mount insert. So to begin, I've been wanting to upgrade my motor mounts for a while. ive been saving up money and trying to get a few things for my car that i really want. But because of my current situation i have been hesitant...
  7. navyslideby

    Huffs with TPMS For Sale

  8. navyslideby

    Turbo Parts and More For Sale

    I am located in West Palm Beach Florida and i have a number of parts available. $50 Stock injectors $50 Stock Tail lights $50 Stock Springs $225 Stock K03 Turbo Alright so info on everything.... the car had 22k miles when springs and tail lights were removed, 27k miles when everything else was...
  9. navyslideby


    I need a Eurodyne Maestro file for my ECU as soon as possible... my engine code is here. MED9 TFSI Part # : 1K0907115S Please if you have the file i need my email is navyslideby (at)
  10. navyslideby

    Big Turbo Install

    Alright so i am about to start my big turbo install and i have heard about this 49 page Walkthrough from Stasis??? idk, all i know is i want something that i can reference when im installing this turbo just in case i get stumped at some point... rather its a K04 walkthrough, or a 3071R...
  11. navyslideby

    GT3071R VS HP5558SP-B

    Ok... I'm really ready to pull the trigger on my BT setup however i have a few questions for you guys... I have been exchanging emails with Clay at CTS and their kit is most likely gonna be the one i go with. i have a lot of confidence in everything he has told me and i am really thankful for...
  12. navyslideby

    MKV Interlagos Plaid Material

    So from my research i have seen that this is a very hot item that a lot of people want to get their hands on... i am talking to a Auto Fabrics manufacturer and they are saying that they have something very similar to it, and if im not happy with that they will look into trying to make "an exact...
  13. navyslideby


    Ok, so i am ordering parts for my K04 install and i had a few questions. First, what are the dimensions of our stock intercooler? ive looked and cant find it anywhere Second, people have mentioned that S3 intercoolers are like $250, but i cant find those prices for an FSI anywhere. ECS is $632...
  14. navyslideby

    New Management for VW

    Ford’s hot hatch chief Jost Capito is moving to a new job at VW. We’re looking forward to seeing what he comes up with – he’s the man responsible for the 345bhp Focus RS500… Few know performance and racing like Jost Capito. The speed-obsessed auto exec started out developing high-performance...
  15. navyslideby

    k04 ???

    Ive done some searching and havent found exactly what im looking for. Sooo, first question is where did you guys buy your k04??? I saw the page where 08mkvk04 put a review on the turbo Very similar to his review on our forum however i can no longer find the link or the page where he posted...
  16. navyslideby

    Tails and springs?

    What's goin on guys. All parts off 08 gti. I've got a set of stock tails in immaculate condition, no scratches, no condensation, no issues whatsoever. Upgraded and want to get rid of them. Wrapped in bubble wrap and ready to ship if I have to, but would prefer local pickup. $75obo Also have...
  17. navyslideby

    vag-com in South Florida

    is there anyone within an hour or so of the west palm beach area with a vag-com that is willing to flash me so i can use the key fob lock and unlock buttons to raise and lower my windows and change my DRL to my foglights???? i give a 12 pack of your choice, or the equivalent in money if you...
  18. navyslideby

    Air Ride help

    Ok, so i will start this thread of by saying im in the navy as im sure you can tell... im out to sea and internet is more than rather slow out here.... ive searched for about and hour and havent found much... so please help me Im looking for a full air ride kit... i dont need anything really...
  19. navyslideby

    Intoduce myself with a question

    Hello, My names Brandon... A little about me. Im in the navy, stationed in Norfolk VA and i just recently purchased a black 2008 GTI with the DSG.... I really like it, fun and pretty quick however i was curious about something... i have been doing some research about APR tunes, and i was looking...