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  1. Vins25

    Car is too Lean on throttle, too rich on Idle

    Hi Guys, I have a 08' MK5GTI that is reading a correction on measuring block 032 : 14.6% I had my PCV replaced less than a month ago with my CAM Follower. The problem appeared as soon as I got flashed with DM and the DSG is jerky on First gear and when the car is trying to go into a full...
  2. Vins25

    Will the MK6 GTI Catback fit the MK5 GTI

    Hi Guys, Yes, I have already used the search button but didnt get any definitive answer. I'm getting SRS-TEC's R32 rear valance with Quad Exhaust. My question is, will the MK6 GTI catback fit my MK5 GTI knowing that they have the same downpipe? From what I read, the only problem are the...
  3. Vins25

    Loss in Boost

    Hey Guys, I have an '08 MK5 GTI.. I am running on an UPsolute map , with Forge DV and New Speed CAI.. Two days ago , I noticed a higher sound for my turbo and a loss in boost. I recalled that sound from when I had a leak related to my DV. After carefully looking into the engine bay , I...
  4. Vins25

    R32 rear bumper with single exhaust

    Hey guys , about a year ago I saw a post here of a UG GTI with a single exhaust R32 bumper. I just bought an R32 bumper and was wondering if any of you have any idea on how I can shape , create or modify the rear valence to a single exhaust instead of a dual central exhaust.:thumbsup:
  5. Vins25

    Turbo making strange noise

    I have an 08 GTI with an UPsolute remap and a forge dv.. When i step on the gas and remove my foot , a strange noise comes out , a noise resembling to an intake noise.. I read once about this issue but forgot the solution.. Please help guys
  6. Vins25

    Removing catalyctic converters

    Hey guys , i have euro spec MK5 GTI 2008.. I just want to know the pros and cons of removing the cats! Will affect fuel consumption?! Will the car "shiver"? Detailed answer is welcomed! Thanks!
  7. Vins25

    Photoshop Needed!

    Heyy guys , can anyone paint this car's front calender a glossy black color? Thank uuuu
  8. Vins25

    Forge DV Problem

    Hey guys , I have a MK5 GTI 2008 , 50.000KM till on now... Im running on an "Upsolute Chip Tuning" Map and a Forge DV.. nthg else Yesterday night , on my way home , I heard a loud air noise coming from the turbo and when i remove my foot off the gas a "pssss" sound comes on! Its the second...
  9. Vins25

    MK5 GTI 2008 DSG (BWA) vs. MK5 GTI 2007 DSG (BPY)

    Raced my friend the other night , drag race.. My mods : 2008 GTI BWA , Upsolute Remap + Forge DV His mods : 2007 GTI BPY , Upsolute Remap + Downpipe + no cats + K&N intake + forge dv Result : I was infront of him by a bit , the WHOLE time! So this means , BWA is better than BPY , more HP...
  10. Vins25

    Need Help!:(

    Hey guys , so I was doing a drag race with an 2003 BMW 330.. I was way ahead of him when a 19 year old guy jumps infront of the car.. I miss him by a miracle.. I stopped the car and pressed on the car full REVERSE! heard a woosh noise.. Each time the turbo starts to work , the woosh sound comes...
  11. Vins25

    Did anyone ever buy one of those?

    I want to put on some rear LED on my GTI 2 Options : 1- JOM rear LED : 2- Dectane : Did anyone ever get any of those 2 products?
  12. Vins25

    Amazing or what ?!

    I know its a MK5 forum , but I just found this picture... wanted to share it with u guys:thumbup:
  13. Vins25

    Photoshop needed

    Hey guys , found this on my friends Facebook profile .. Was just wondering if anyone can change the BMW to GTI ;) Kinda tried , but epic fail:
  14. Vins25

    Noob Question Here

    My car was doing a weird "woosh" noise after I take my foot off the gas.. VAG-COM scan : ! malfunction , the dump valve is ripped , giving me a small leak.. Got the Forge Dump Valve... Now the question is , will the Forge give me this extra sound whenever I shift?(FSI DSG) or I should install a...
  15. Vins25

    Rear Bumper Painting

    Hey guys , I saw the new R20 , very nice car , looked closely into its rear bumper the top is the same color as the car and the lower diffuser is panoramic black or glossy black... I have a 08 GTI silver , do u guys think it would be nice the paint the upper part silver and the lower one glossy...
  16. Vins25

    GTI To R32 Conversion - Build Thread

    Hey guys ! Don't we all LOVE the R32 rear exhaust? and of course its front bumper with S6 LED's.. Finally my friend decided on getting them , and while he is busy getting things done properly , i'm here posting some pics of the build :thumbup: We bought the R32 front bumper with the alloy...
  17. Vins25

    K&N Air Filter Fitting

    Hey guys, I wanted to put a K&N air filter to my 2008 GTI , but my friends told me that the only way to install the filter is by taking the cover off.. I dont want to take the cover off:iono: , I want the car to look a bit cool when u open the hood:yikes:! So any DIYz? Ideas on how maybe cut...
  18. Vins25

    Collecting GTI Pitures

    Just saved picture #1700 !! Am I the only one that collects GTI pics?:lol:
  19. Vins25

    Front Bumper Question

    Sorry if I took this foto from this forum , but i really want to know what bumper is it. I know it is an R32 front bumper , but is the chrome part blacked out? or is it a separate part i'm gonna have to buy? And one more question , the R32 LED FOG lights , where can i find them?
  20. Vins25

    Important question , I guess:p

    I have a 2008 Mk5 GTI , 21XXXkm , I was checking my oil today and its plain empty! I owned 3 cars before the GTI and I have never ever seen anything like this! I usually change oil not add oil! Is this normal?and if yes can somebody explain wat is the reason after this , why does those car...