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    MK5/MK6 Porsche 17z Brembo Big Brake Kit - Complete Front Setup

    MK5/MK6 Porsche Brembo Big Brake Kit - Complete Front Setup Kit includes: Porsche Brembo 6 Piston "17z" Calipers (OEM on Cayenne) - Calipers were re-powdercoated red and I replaced the dust and main seals (seals were silly expensive). The rear of the caliper has be slightly clearanced for...
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    Mk5 Part-out: LED Tails, MFD2, Grilles, etc.

    My car was totaled a few weekends ago. Getting rid of all the MK5 Parts I will not be keeping. Parts listed as a package will not be split up Only parts listed for sale in this thread are available. The car has already been returned to stock and is no longer in my possession. Please refrain...
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    Redialed: Dialin' in the fitment.

    So after having fun with the Maserati wheels for most of the season, I found a buyer that wanted them more than I did. Instead of picking up something new, I decided to dip into the wheel archive and pull out my of Autostrada Monza's. (Original wheel refinishing thread here) Since the Maserati's...
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    3SDM @ SoWo - Presented by Forge

    Tomhouse's car I shot at SoWo for the debut of 3SDM wheels. Check out the full feature. 3DSM @ SoWo by RsquaredDesigns, on Flickr 3DSM @ SoWo by RsquaredDesigns, on Flickr 3DSM @ SoWo by RsquaredDesigns, on Flickr 3DSM @ SoWo by RsquaredDesigns, on...
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    H&R Adapters 5x112 to 5x130 20mm/25mm

    I have 2 sets of used H&R Adapters to convert from VW to Porsche fitment 5x112 to 5x130), one in 20mm width, the other in 25mm. Aside from a little anti-seize and some scuffs from installation, these are mint. Threads on the studs and hardware are perfect. I would like to keep these as a set...
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    WTB 5x112 to 5x114.3 Adapters

    Wanted to buy, (2) 5x112 to 5x114.3 adapters. I need ones thinner than 25mm and with an outside hub bore of less that 62mm. Need these like yesterday.
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    WTB: 2 Rear MK5 Grey Cloth Headrests

    Delete your seats? Remove your rear headrests for better visibility? Need money for your drug habit? I need 2 of them in gray cloth (interlagos). I will pay in american monetary units.
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    FS/FT OEM 18x8 18x9 Porsche Panamera Wheels

    Price drop!!!! $850 with adapters, $600 without. Open to reasonable offers. PM ME WITH AN OFFER THESE MUST GO THIS WEEK!!! 18x8et59, 18x9et53 OEM Porsche Panamera "Rad" Wheels 5x130 After 20mm and 15mm adapters final specs are 18x8et39 18x9et38, perfect.They are mint, not a scratch. Adapters...
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    Well overdue air non-build thread.

    So I have been meaning to put a non-build thread together for a while. I had been planning on going air for a long time. The roads in my area of Brooklyn are just straight awful. “Mike O’Mally called, he wants’ his agrocrag back”, type doom roads, battle damage was being acquired quickly...
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    FS : Fk Silverline X+

    I have a set of FK Silverline X+ for sale. They have approx 12k miles on them and have been installed for about a year. They are in excellent condition, none are blown, and still operate flawlessly. The coilovers are still on the car, but will be removed next week. I will be glad to provide pics...
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    New Airlift Co. Manifold and Controller

    Anyone know happened with that? The new manifold looks great, but what happened to a January release? It looks to me that the harness connector is different, leading me to believe that a new proprietary controller is in the works. I am about to pull the trigger on a kit next week. I can't hold...
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    Horrible night...

    Am I too late for "That'll buff out"... Seriously though, hope everything works out
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    FS/FT 18x8.5 Audi Q7 Reps (5x130)

    Adapters are gone. $350 for the wheels. Update: Forgot I still had these, stumbled over them in my garage last weekend. Someone make an offer. Lowballs accepted, hey you never know. Updated Update: I will accept money, wheels, car parts, bicycle parts, pot, beer, even a fucking sandwich if...
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    OEM Tail Lights

    I have a set of OEM GTI tail lights taken off my 2008 GTI. The lights in great shape, with only very minor scratches, there are no cracks or other imperfections. I am willing to break up the set, if you buy both the inner and outer lights of the particular side you want. These go for about $80...
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    997tt 18x8/18x10 Complete Setup

    "Paging Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, we've got a serious identity crisis going on" Raderwerks Porsche 997tt reps. (1399+ shipping new) Porsche center caps ($80new) Front 18"x8" ET 50 w/ 15mm adapter w/ 215/35 Rear 18"x10" ET65 w/ 20mm adapter w 225/40 Adapters are H&R Trak+ ($350new) Front tires...
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    New Wheels, Ferdinand Style

    "Paging Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, we've got a serious identity crisis going on" So after looking at these wheels in my living room for 5 months, they finally made there debut at Waterfest 15. Front 18"x8" ET 50 w/ 15mm adapter w/ 215/35 Rear 18"x10" ET65 w/ 20mm adapter w 225/40 Oh, they are now...