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  1. MasterGunnZ

    Tom's vpieza 18x8 18x9 2 piece

    FS / FT tom's vpieza. 2 piece wheels. 18 x 8 18 x 9 ET 43. 5 x 114.3 redrilled to 5x112. Wheels come with hubcentric rings, lug bolts, and tires. 225 40 18. These wheels are in good condition, the lips are brand new and the tires have about 1,500 miles. Asking 1,000 obo also willing to trade for...
  2. MasterGunnZ

    Question about the cc

    does the mkv and mkvl gti suspension fit the vw cc? I've been trying to get a set of coilovers for my cc but no luck finding anything. FK's are back ordered, k sports have to be built by special order ect. Thank you
  3. MasterGunnZ

    None Mkv content.

    Got rid of the gti and picked up this...2011 cc sport. :thumbsup:
  4. MasterGunnZ

    What wheels are these ?

    Thank you
  5. MasterGunnZ


    Looking for some oem wheels. denvers, huffs, classix, ect in south Florida. let me know please !:thumbsup:
  6. MasterGunnZ

    FS: Toms c7

  7. MasterGunnZ

    FSI Part out

    Everything sold.
  8. MasterGunnZ

    End of the road.

  9. MasterGunnZ

    FS: Alphards

  10. MasterGunnZ

    Went to the park

    the end :thumbsup:
  11. MasterGunnZ

    Feeler Tom's C7 17x8 et44 17x9 et43

    FS: Tom's C7 17x8 et44 17x9 et43 SOLD
  12. MasterGunnZ

    Honda fail x100;_ylt=AgXHvmNz4M4UCBkhVPIjoiWza454;_ylv=3?keywords=si&sortcol=mileage&sortdir=up&modelyearub=2010&modelyearlb=2009&askpriceub=any&askpricelb=any&deliverymileageub=any&deliverymileagelb=any&location=Boca+Raton%2C+FL+33428&listingty...
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    Being a whore ;)

  14. MasterGunnZ

    Go out

  15. MasterGunnZ

    Local car meet Heavy content ( 56k GTFO )

    I only attached the pictures I liked, you can check out the rest of the pictures on flickr.:thumbsup:
  16. MasterGunnZ

    WTB: Golf GT front end

    Looking for a golf GT front end or jetta ( with lower grille and fogs )
  17. MasterGunnZ

    here and there

  18. MasterGunnZ

    Nothing to do

  19. MasterGunnZ


    My car has a little over 38k right now. I replaced the oem pads at 19k with hawk ceramic pads I'm thinking of getting new rotors and pads soon, what do you guys recommend ? thanks
  20. MasterGunnZ

    Some clouds.

    More to come :thumbsup: