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  1. steveo17

    Part Out: OEM + Aftermarket

    I sold my MKV GTI and I have a number of leftover parts for sale. Do Not ask me about parts that are not listed. This is all I have. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Larger/heavy items will be local only unless the buyer is willing to pay for shipping. All OEM parts are German...
  2. steveo17

    Strange Misfire Issues

    Can anyone help me try to understand what is wrong with my car? 2006 GTI FSI F23T RS4 PRV Eurodyne F23T base file APR HPFP EVOMS Intake Car is not throwing any codes. Shop i am at with the car is telling me that it is hitting the rev limiter. i disagree See videos for what is happening...
  3. steveo17

    FS/FT: BBS LM 17"

    Original specs are 17x8/9 et35. They are reversed mounted so the et should be about 20 Tires: Front - Kumho Ecsta 205/40 Brand New! Rear - Kumho Ecsta 215/40 8/32 Faces are powdercoated a gunmetal with some sparkle by Espo's Powdercoating in Staten Island. The center caps are silver/white...
  4. steveo17

    Rough Start, Car Keeps Cranking

    so i have a fsi with about 77,000 miles on it. f23t with brand new spark plugs and a battery thats probably about 2 years old. recently when i got to start the car it goes to turn over and keeps cranking for a little while before it'll start. sometimes it won't start on teh first turn. then...
  5. steveo17

    F23T vs G37 (modded?)

    so i was on the turnpike last night driving and i pull along side a g37 and he suddenly smashes the gas so i swiftly downshift and get into it to and immediately pull on him. my driver mod is better than his auto tranny downshifting :thumbsup: after that we slow down to something about 50...
  6. steveo17

    OEM Auto Euroswitch with Coming Home/Leaving Home

    for sale is a practically new OEM Auto Euroswitch with Coming Home/Leaving Home part number is 1K0941431BMREH seems to go for $100 on ECS and other sites i'll take 80 shipped for it or best offer text me for the fastest response 908 307 5526 -steve generic pic from the internet
  7. steveo17

    FT: Brand New Konig Integram 18x9 et 35

    FS:Konig Integram 18x9 et 35 I have a practically new set of Konig Integram wheels for sale. I got these for waterfest and only used them over the winter. There is a little rash on one of them, but theyre 100% straight and true. Bolt pattern is 5x114.3 but is drilled out to fit 5x112. I'm...
  8. steveo17

    Help a Dubber Out

    I would appreciate it if everyone could take a second and vote for my car in this magazine feature competition:
  9. steveo17

    wobble bolts as regular cone seat?

    can i use wobble bolts for regular cone seat 5x112 wheels?
  10. steveo17

    245/45/17 on air

    Hey guys i have air ride installed on my mk5 and i might want to get a setup for drag racing for the fronts. on ebay i found a pair of lightly used nittos for $200 but theyre 245s. do you think these will fit? what kind of offset should i be looking at so i dont rub. i would only really be...
  11. steveo17

    FS: Golf R Map Sensor

  12. steveo17

    Brand New APR Boost Tap

  13. steveo17

    FS: GIAC Flashloader

    I have for sale a GIAC flashloader. no programs/tunes included with this guys. just the handheld switcher. I'll start at $80 OBO shipped text me for quickest response 908 307 5526 -Steve
  14. steveo17

    Bags and Upgraded sway bars

    so i used to have coilovers on my car, but i upgraded to bags for convenience and comfort last winter and i love them except for the fact that cornering just does not feel the same anymore. Can anyone shed some info on how/if upgrading the rear/front sway bars would help bring the "stiffer"...
  15. steveo17

    F23T and DriverMotorsport Build

    So i guess i will start a thread being as how I am one of the few that will have this turbo on a mk5. Currently I have a 2006 GTI FSI with a Stage 2 GIAC tune. My turbo blew during the Polar Vortex (i have a feeling a frozen catch can is the culprit) so now I am upgrading to the F23T due to...
  16. steveo17

    Frankenturbo F23T & Driver Motorsport Sale!

    Frankenturbo F23T Sale & Build Doug at Frankenturbo has a special promo going on right now. Purchase a F23 turbo and the DM tune together and they will throw in the RS4 PRV valve for free! Contact Doug at Frankenturbo for the promo code Update 1/29/14: Received and Installed the Turbo...
  17. steveo17

    Feeler FT: BBS LM 17"

    I have a mint set of BBS LM's that I might be willing to trade if someone comes by with the right offer looking for TH lines, maybe RS, futuras. i would like 18's but theres not problem with 17s either not looking for reps or stock wheels at all text me for quickest response 908 307 five...
  18. steveo17

    FS: Premium 8

    hey guys i have a premium 8 that was taken out of a customers car because it was not functional. not sure what is wrong with it, just wouldnt turn on. throwing it up here to see if there is any interest. i would say $150 shipped obo again this unit is NOT WORKING currently, but could be...