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  1. redback

    GIAC Stage 2++ Tune (K04)

    "The new GIAC stage 2++ file. Developed with Statller power Developments in the U.K. (Doing a lot of cool 500hp stage 3 stuff at the mo) is a variation on the 2+ hardware based theme for EA133 k04 engines. Apparently this file is performing better than the extreme files of late and is something...
  2. redback

    stupid wheel powder coating question

    i am running advan rs-d wheels: and the quality of the black spokes are getting pretty shitty. I think its because ive been using the high pressure water cleaner too often and its eaten past the clear =S i'm looking into getting them...
  3. redback

    will d2r xenon bulbs fit my golf gti?

    hey guys, as per title, i was pretty sure i ordered d2s phillips xenon bulbs but they came in and they are d2r bulbs =S the receipt just said phillips xenon HID with no mention of if it were d2s or d2r and corresponding emails said d2r. sooooooooo will they fit my oem bixenon headlights...
  4. redback

    Sexiest Rocco R

    a mate of mines: The Mod List Under the Bonnet VWR Racing Intake Custom downpipe and high flow 200 cell cat Milltek Cat Back Exhaust (Unresonated) Forge Twin Cooler Forge Oil Catch Can system Forge Boost Tap Neuspeed Turbo discharge pipe BSH throttle pipe HPFP Stage 1 Fuel pump with 145...
  5. redback

    Scirroco R's goodness

  6. redback

    Mixed Martial Arts

    OK so been a fan for many years but not since the beginning since it wasn't that popular in Australia, but over the years i have trained different disciplines such as BJJ and Muay Thai and still do occasionally for fun, so i can appreciate the situations they get into. Anywho in terms of UFC, I...
  7. redback

    Smoke and Sparks out of exhaust

    So went to cruise with a few friends last night, needless to say "BOOM i smoked those motherfuckers!" anyway whilst racing them, they said black smoke came out of my exhaust and one other said he said he saw sparks coming out of my exhaust! this can't be good? CEL was flashing as well -_-' and...
  8. redback

    For those of you that have had mechatronics issues, a question...

    so for those who have had issues with the flashing lights of death, how long was it since you got the lights to come on again after the first time? I experienced it the first time when reversing into the driveway and noticed the car rolling forward so looked down and the lights were flashing...
  9. redback

    Three Amigos

  10. redback

    OEM MKV Bits & Pieces

    Up for grabs: - OEM GTI Full Exhaust (catback + downpipe) - 5,000kms Catback is in crazy nifty condition! so clean its cleaner then my arqray exhaust - OEM Halogen Headlights - 8,000kms The stock bulbs were replaced with Philips Bluevision for highbeam and Osram nightbreakers for the low...
  11. redback

    Wanting to borrow MK5/MK6 Steering Wheel

    hey guys, as per title i need to borrow someones steering wheel for a week or two max so i can get my current one removed and wrapped in alcantera which was my prize from the VWG cruise which i havent been able to check in yet because i need my car during the week. PLEASE GUYS! heheh much love P
  12. redback

    r32 w/ r36 twin turbo conversion - BONKERS!!!!

    beast! some mk4 love as well >D
  13. redback

    Hesitation and Replacing Valve Springs

    Hesitation Ever since going GIAC extreme, when i give full throttle ill have this hesitation/vibration (sounds like de-de-de-de inside the cabin) before it finally sling shots. This is most apparent around 2000-3000rpms. When i have the windows down with a car next to me and it occurs, i hear...
  14. redback

    My Pirelli GTI Build Thread

    INTRODUCTION This will be my build thread which i have on a local forum but letting you guys see my progress. I own a 2009 VW Golf GTI Pirelli Edition in Black Magic Pearl. Came factory fitted with - RNS510 unit, - Rear parking sensors, and - K04 turbo The GTI was my choice of car after getting...
  15. redback

    Anyone running the GIAC extreme flash?

    It requires the following: - k04 - turboback exhaust - k04 vf intake (ONLY!) - high pressure fuel pump - intercooler - GIAC extreme flash I am currently running the GIAC k04 flash, Arqray catback, GruppeM intake and BSH intercooler. Custom 3 inch downpipe, k04 VF intake and Autotech fuel pump...
  16. redback

    vs EVO8MR

    Drove to a good friends house the other night to drop something off. I took him in a drive in my car in this empty industrial area and showed him how my car goes and he was really impressed. Went back to his house and he told me about this new industrial area which would be free by now so we...
  17. redback

    GIAC'd k04 vs Hatch WRX STI

    so i'm on my way to my friends house after dinner tonight, when i see this car behind me following closely. We get to the traffic lights and were next to each other at the stop lights both looking to turn right. My windows were down and i had a good look at this mean looking hood scoop so i...
  18. redback

    Supercharged R8

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted yet: :drool: also heard GIAC is releasing a new map for the k04 which will add an extra 15+ whp and 20+ wtq! BRING IT ON!
  19. redback

    Pirelli GTI vs Nissan Silvia S15

    Two nights ago my friend asked if i wanted to go through the twisties with some of his friends so i agreed and being a noob i was way behind the skylines and s15s because they were really experienced. At the end of the drive, we all lined up at the side of the road to talk abit. My friend kept...
  20. redback

    Misfires but the issue isnt the coilpack?

    Hey guys, Since having my car GIAC'd for around 5 months, when id thrash it and reach redline, the check engine light would either flash then disappear after a few seconds, or it would stay lit. Right now it is the third time it has stayed lit. Every time i go to my mechanic the same fault...