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  1. elwood1

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Season 6 of Bosch started yesterday. Already binged 3 episodes, expect season 6 to be finished by tomorrow night. o_O
  2. elwood1

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Chef Show on Netflix. Also liked The Ranch.
  3. elwood1

    Officially Official NHL Thread, Finally.

    The list of injured players on both teams and the injuries they played through is amazing. Andrew Shaw must have the hardest head in hockey. Great season for the Hawks, one of the greatest ever with a great finish. Replica Stanley Cups are already on order.
  4. elwood1

    Hardest Hit I've Ever Seen

    When it happened, I thought it was awesome. Then the Blackhawks signed Carcillo.
  5. elwood1

    Hardest Hit I've Ever Seen

    If you want to see a series of hard hits, check out Scott Stevens. He was devastating.
  6. elwood1

    Classical Music

    Get yourself a good version of the 1812 Overture (with real cannons, not drums pretending to be cannons), play it LOUD, and then see if you get the emotional response you are looking for. Just like any other form of music, not all classical is great. The 1812 is.
  7. elwood1

    What was your last car?

    My last car before the GTI was a 2007 Subaru STI Limited.
  8. elwood1

    Fat Bastards - Weight Watchers Thread

    My wife and I went on WW 4 years ago. When we did, we realized it was more of a lifestyle change and not a diet. We do cheat, and then we are good and lose whatever we gained when we cheat. After 4 years, I have kept off the the 28# I lost on the program. GL.