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  1. GTimarkie

    Official Tornado Red GTI (G2G2) Pics Thread

    Just to give this thread the bump it deserves. Tornadored rocks!!
  2. GTimarkie

    Hey From The Netherlands

    Ten years later....😂 Bought this in 2017 and began modifying again. Those mk5's are hard to forget hahaha. Great cars!
  3. GTimarkie

    WTB: Eurojet pcv fix

    Can be closed, found one.
  4. GTimarkie

    Hey From The Netherlands

    And here's another new GTI driver. I like the car very much and already begun modding, ghehehe. Somethings i already did: 19 inch RS4 Wheels, Forge twintake(love the sound), Caractere sideskirts, blacked-out mirrorindicators, doubletip muffler ending in the middle. To do list: purchase VAG-COM...