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  1. Tempted2Speed

    Car threw an O2 code. Advice on which one and if I need to replace?

    Hey guys, heres the code VCDS gave me Address 01: Engine Labels: 06F-907-115-AXX.lbl Control Module Part Number: 1K0 907 115 S HW: 8P0 907 115 B Component and/or Version: 2.0l R4/4V TFSI 0020 Software Coding: 0403010A18070160 Work Shop Code: WSC 01279 785...
  2. Tempted2Speed

    GTI vs BMW 330i

    I have a pretty much stock gti. 08 with evoms intake, neuspeed short shifter but no tune or anything(I know, I should have one.) I also have the big briefcase muffler removed but I know that doesn't change anything but maybe takes off a few pounds. Did 2 runs with my friend in his 4 door...
  3. Tempted2Speed

    WTB: Vag Com Micro Can

    Let me know if you have one!
  4. Tempted2Speed

    WTB: Stock Noise Pipe

    Just need the stock noise pipe, plastic part. Let me know how much you want for it. Thanks.
  5. Tempted2Speed

    Whats wrong with my horns?

    Ok so Im having some weird electrical issues, particularly with the left side of my car. I first noticed it when I turned the key in the ignition and without the engine on my car started making these noises YIvc6OYLj3g It SEEMS to be coming from the horns, and I can even feel the vibration by...
  6. Tempted2Speed


    Have u guys heard of what's going on in Libya? Holy shit it's a bloody massacre. We thought Egypt was bad but their having an all out war over there, and frankly it'll be driving our gas prices up by the day If this goes on for even a few more weeks, I'm expecting to pay atleast 5$ at the pump...
  7. Tempted2Speed

    What shades you rockin?

    Im a big fan of shades so anyways....what are you guys rockin/planning to rock in the upcoming warmer months? Post a pic/name whether their cheap or expensive. Wouldnt mind picking up a new pair. Right now I have some cheapy Airwalk Kickflips but I love em Was rockin these a year before...
  8. Tempted2Speed

    Paco Rabanne One Million Cologne

    Selling a 3.4oz bottle of Paco Rabannes One Million Eau De Toilette cologne that just hit the states in September. I just ordered it from Amazon a few days ago but I decided I dont want it because I have a new fragrance in mind Id like to buy. I got a great deal on it since they were having one...
  9. Tempted2Speed

    FS: Brand new Dogbone Mount Insert

    So I bought the insert to install but I get under my car to install it and notice that there is one actually installed. I guess I was too dumb to notice before. Guess that explains why I have pretty much no wheelhop. Anyways, 18$ paypal gets it shipped to your door. This is the one made by...
  10. Tempted2Speed

    Stanceworks Stance of the Union show. Who's going?

    So Stanceworks has set up a show in downtown Sacramento on Oct. 23rd. Anyone going?
  11. Tempted2Speed

    Feeler: Eibach Sportlines

    Ok Im really considering getting coilovers and I have Eibach Sportline Springs on the car now. Want to see if theres any interest in these. Their in good condition and have about 11-12k on them. Their still on my car so no pics. 130$ shipped or 110 local. Im in Sacramento CA
  12. Tempted2Speed

    What you guys think about these Audi wheels?

    I think they are S3 wheels, I know someone selling them and am contemplating getting them What you guys think? Also, there are no centercaps included, will my stock VW centercaps fit?
  13. Tempted2Speed

    Want to drop some $ on detailing supplies...

    Ok so Ive been getting into detailing lately and Ive been trying to figure out what to buy. Right now ChemicalGuys seems liek the best site to order my stuff from because all their products are top notch and I dont want to spend extra $ for shipping by buying at another place, though if I really...
  14. Tempted2Speed

    I Mis-shifted

    Ok quick question. Today I floored it in second gear until maybe 6500 rpm then instead of shifting into 3rd I missed and hit 5th. So pretty much I went from 2nd at 6500 rpm to 5th. I noticed the revs dropped alot then jumped again since I was flooring it thinking I was in 3rd. My clutch...
  15. Tempted2Speed

    Im having issues Ive never heard/read about...advice please

    Ok so my car *seems* to run fine. Idles fine, sounds fine, everything, BUT Im having weird electrical issues that I cant find the reason why! 1. My reverse lights dont come on. Ive checked the bulbs, Ive checked all connections, everything. I cant seem to find out why my reverse lights dont...
  16. Tempted2Speed

    WTB: Stock noise pipe

    Im not even asking for the full noise pipe, just the plastic part which is really light so shipping should be real cheap. Willing to pay 20$ Thanks, lemme know
  17. Tempted2Speed

    The Official MK5 Denver/Huff to MK6 Detroit conversion DIY

    So my car is getting repairs done and I have alot of time on my hands and I hate Denvers, so I decided to make them like MK6 style Denvers, and make a DIY while I was at it. Bluetrep made the first DIY on this which gave me the inspiration to start on this. His DIY didnt have the most detail so...
  18. Tempted2Speed

    Best screen protectors

    So I just got an iphone 4, and was wondering what screen protector to buy. On my previous Blackjack 2 I was using zagg invisibleshield but while it was good, it wasnt anything special and still dust gathered under it so it wasnt perfect. Also their prices are meh I know many new screen...
  19. Tempted2Speed

    WTB: GTI Center Honeycomb Grille/Emblem

    Looking for a used(or new) gti stock grille, the one with the red stripe. Im also looking for an emblem. Im looking to pay maybe 50 bucks if its without the emblem, and Im also open to buying it if the paint is messed up or whatever, as long as the mounting tabs are intact. PM me with what you...
  20. Tempted2Speed

    Cant believe my eyes Theres some girl who had a diamond pendant of lebron james...a picture of it emerged...