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    Gti advice

    Hey guys i need advice for my future ride. I currently drive a 07 rs stg2+. In the next coming months i'm either looking at going bt with my current ride or thinking of buying an 06-07 gixxer. I'm stuck at this fork rode and i'm having a hard time deciding. I wont be going to the track any time...
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    FS: 08 Rabbit CW Rear Bumper/Lower valance, 07 Gti stock catback.

    *Please read terms and conditions first! *Please read terms and conditions first! I wanted to let everyone know what i have up for grabs. All prices are negotiable. There's a slim chance i will not be shipping because, all these items are very large. BUT, If buyer agrees to pay for shipping...
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    Who here owns an MKV?

    What do you drive now?
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    Who here owns an MKV?

    Own a 07 gti rs stg 2+
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    07 Gti stg 2+ vs rsx-s

    On my way home from work tonight. I was on the far right lane where it merged with the left lane oncoming traffic. No cars insight except an rsx type s with a shiny exhaust and lowered. As soon as he saw me he immediately when wot. I on the other hand refused to get beat I went in wot as well. I...
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    07 Mkv Stg 2+ vs 07 scion

    Me and my girl just bought some groceries @ food-4-less in Long Beach Ca. As i was walking to my vehicle i noticed that there was an all white scion tc carbon fiber hood, dropped on some rims parked right in front of me. So i proceeded to go in my car and back out the parking lot onto the...
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    Milltek Quad Installed Review

    I Finally got my Milltek quad cat back installed. After much anticipation and research. I knew this was going to be the cat back for my car. The cat back is a non-resonated version paired to a 3" 42dd non-cat and non-resonated version dp. The design and build quality is one of a kind. The Clamps...
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    Mkv Stg2+ vs c350 benz

    So i just had my cam follower replaced and an oil change at my buddy's shop. As i was headed to have lunch with my girl. i was stuck at a red light, you know minding my own business when i see this metallic silver Mercedes obviously c350 from the badge. i saw him starring me down. so i was like...