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  1. radiohead1075

    FS: OEM Denvers with TPMS

    Wheels have some curb rash, otherwise are in good condition (wheels are a bit dusty in the photos). Two of the tires have usable tread, the other two are well worn. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S. $200, pickup only.
  2. radiohead1075

    Carbonio FSI Intake

    SOLD Used, but in very good condition. Intake only, filter not included. Only selling because I recently sold my GTI. $90 shipped
  3. radiohead1075

    P3 Digital Vent Gauge

    Used, but in excellent condition P3 Digital Vent Gauge for MKV GTI. Original owner, purchased directly from P3. Selling because I recently sold my GTI. $245 shipped
  4. radiohead1075

    Vagcom in Lehigh Valley?

    Looking for some Vagcom assistance in the Lehigh Valley. Can you trade your time for beer or something, just let me know!
  5. radiohead1075

    WTB: OEM Huffs or Detroits

    Bought a set of wheels. No longer looking.
  6. radiohead1075

    VW Customer Care, any success stories? (Cam follower failure)

    Cam follower is destroyed, service manager said it's one of the worst they've seen. Yet no love for us 2008 FSI owners. Called VW customer care, only offer was 1,000 for a new VW. 104,000 miles, original owner. Car was properly serviced, oil changed every 5k with the specified oil. Any way...
  7. radiohead1075

    OBD port

    Has anyone ever had problems getting the OBD port to recognize the device you are plugging in to it? Recently bought a P3 digital vent gauge and it has only powered on once since installing it which itself took several plug/unplug attempts. However the next time the car was started, the device...
  8. radiohead1075

    WTB: Driver Side Vent

    MKV Driver Side Vent needed. Essentially I am looking for the horizontal slats assembly: Name a price, shipped.
  9. radiohead1075

    How to know if my APR tune was erased by dealer?

    Yeah, that is my dumb question... If the tune was erased, controlling the tune through the cruise controls would not be working at all, yes? Had my car in yesterday for 80k service, they performed the recall on the PCV and replaced a faulty fuel pressure sensor. Put it in stock mode and...
  10. radiohead1075

    VW's in France

    Random shots of VW's from a recent trip in France...
  11. radiohead1075

    60' time

    What is a good 60' time for a stage 1 GTI? Was doing some runs while using Dynolicious today and averaged 2.8 seconds. Hard not to spin off the line. Although the worn Conti all seasons are most likely to blame.
  12. radiohead1075

    VagCom in Lehigh Valley area?

    Looking for someone with VagCom to make some small tweaks + boost logs. What I am looking to do: - Change DRL's from HID's to fogs - Activate flash-to-pass lights - Activate coming home - Key FOB to control windows up/down - Boost logs Located in the Lehigh Valley area. Anyone?
  13. radiohead1075

    Does not start on first try

    Recently my 2008 GTI has not been starting on the first try in the morning – I would say it's probably about 60/40 that it starts on first try. The rest of the day the car will start up on first try however. Sometimes after starting up on the second try, the idle is slightly rough for a while...
  14. radiohead1075

    Ethanol free gas in PA?

    Highly disappointed that Shell is now putting in 10% ethanol in their gasoline. Shell was about the last station I know of that did not put ethanol in their gas. Now looking for ethanol free gas in the Lehigh Valley area...
  15. radiohead1075

    Replacing side mirrors

    Received a set of blue tinted, heated aspherical mirrors today. Went to install them, but was not sure the best way to disconnect the wires that connect to the mirror lens? Can someone help a noob out?
  16. radiohead1075

    Climatic adjustments are poor or is it me?

    The climate controls in my '08 GTI seem to be limited to either hot or cold. Is this normal or is something wrong? There is little variation, it's one extreme or the other. For example, setting the temp dial in the coldest setting is the same as having it half way between cold and hot (or so it...
  17. radiohead1075

    Air Filter - is this installed correctly?

    So I took on the grueling task of replacing the air filter in my 2008 GTI yesterday. I notice that the air filter is not fully enclosed in the engine cover. The filter element is not exposed per se, but the orange lip, see photo, that goes around the filter is. Did I install this incorrectly...
  18. radiohead1075

    Which All Season tire for GTI?

    At about 24,000 miles, the OEM ContiProContact's are just about done. So I need to do some tire shopping. It must be All Season and has to fit the 17" Denvers. I am looking for a balance between performance and ride quality. Any suggestions?
  19. radiohead1075

    Where to get chipped in Lehigh Valley, PA?

    Looking to go stage 1 this summer, preferably APR or REVO. Any recommendations of a good shop to do the job?
  20. radiohead1075

    How often do you change your oil?

    Having not owned a car that uses synthetic oil before, it makes me a bit nervous to let it go so long between oil changes. Been getting it changed every 5k even though the owners manual states that the oil change should be done every 10k. Am I wasting my money? What mileage intervals does...