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    Travel to Cali and New york

    To travel to Cali to New York and back(Hawaii) with hotels for $2400, a good deal or a Scam?:iono: for 11 days
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    poor sportmanship 350z

    bra i was racing this 350z.. At first i just past him and he began to tailgating me.. i slowed down where the cops hides He just keeps going.. I speed up, to line up with him, befor i could, i heard him down shift sooo. i just floored it and past him.. guy couldn't even catch up.. then he flew...
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    Anybody race 350z here?.. i race one a while back supercharge and i still beat him by two cars.. :iono: i recently race one tonight but i slowed down where the cops usually hides and he just keeps going.. he probably tought he won:cry: .. i heard another story here in hawaii that a mkv beat...