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    WTB- FMIC, aftermarket rear sway bar

    Looking for a FMIC and rear sway. FMIC brand doesnt matter, looking for solid swaybar. Need shipped to 93730 Also looking for k04 and S3/R injectors
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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Bosch, Sneaky Pete, The Boys, all on Prime Video
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    Any cyclist on here

    Was into mtb in high school, but hadn’t really done any riding until now. Just ordered a DB Sync’r this morning, and cannot wait to get back into it!
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    Maintenance question GMC Acadia idle stumble

    start with plugs. I would think its probably either that or the MAF. Maybe consider ignition coil?
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    Sunglasses for Driving

    Persols. Thank me later. Quality is excellent and clarity of lense is incredibly sharp
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    Best wiper blades?

    Bosch icon. Get the OE version, not the A/B, they will not fit
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    Vegas - What to do

    Tacos El Gordo is really good. I believe its on the North part of the strip
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    **Gun Enthusiast Thread**

    This may be a log shot, but anyone in LE that would PPT the M&P shield 2.0 to me?Residing in CA, It’s not on the roster sadly. Thanks in advance!
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    GoFundMe Page for My Dog: Winston

    ^clearly. But if it happens, wouldnt you have the sense to say enough is enough?
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    GoFundMe Page for My Dog: Winston

    I’m going to be that guy. Why not just cut your losses and put him down? I have had many dogs and I understand how hard it is to part with them, but if it severely affects your finances, maybe it needs to be considered. Just a thought.
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    PayPal buyers

    Contact PayPal instead of whining here.
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    2019 Crapolla Hatchback

    Cvt makes me want to vomit
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    best floor jack for the $$?

    hf for me too. Been holding up well for three years so far
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    Expect the Price of Gasoline to Skyrocket

    At it again. PG&E is going to push all costs to us, yet again.
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    Apple Conspiracy?

    I am the sheep
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    FS: Godspeed v2 FMIC (Twin mount)

    Selling the mk5, and have a couple of parts that need to go. FMIC was used around 7k before removal, no contamination, oil seepage, or anything. The hoses were trimmed to fit the mk5/6 and include better hose clamps than were included. Price is $200, without shipping or fees. Please do not...
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    Halloween Costumes That Are Not PC

    Guys, Im blackfacing this year. Wish me luck
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    League of Legends

    Nerds /thread