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  1. dustinwark

    VW, BMW, Toyota, neato wheels, a little something for everyone.

    Went out with a few friends for some photos, here is what I came up with.
  2. dustinwark

    FS: 2007 Volkswagen GTI

    FS: 2007 Volkswagen GTI (2.0T FSI) After 6+ years it is time for me to part ways with my lovely Volkswagen and move on to a new project. Details: 2007 Volkswagen GTI 5 door hatchback Black Magic Pearl 89,XXX miles DSG transmission with paddle shifters on the steering wheel Interlagos...
  3. dustinwark

    OFFICIAL Architecture Porn Thread

    In honor of my fifth red car, we need an architecture porn thread. Kicking Horse Residence by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
  4. dustinwark

    Recently moved for school.

    I'm really enjoying the beautiful campus here and decided to take some pictures!
  5. dustinwark

    Finally threw a code for an old issue...

    I have been having an issue for a few years at this point, it only shows itself during the hot summer months on long drives (multiple hours). I will be driving along at a constant speed and the RPMs will drop, just for a few seconds and then return, there is NO throttle response during this...
  6. dustinwark

    FS: Brand new Air Zenith OB2 compressor + SMC water trap

    Bought two of these and decided one was enough for me, so the other is up for grabs! This is a brand new (never used) Air Zenith OB2 compressor still in the box (only taken out to take pictures) and a brand new SMC water trap. Asking $335 shipped at the moment. Compressor...
  7. dustinwark

    The Lowered Elite feature!

    Check it out!
  8. dustinwark

    I'm officially on air!

    It has been a long, but successful weekend and the car is now riding on air! Still needs a frame notch, alignment, small pull, and fender liner adjustment to sit where I want it, but VERY happy right now :)
  9. dustinwark

    End of Static

    Thought I would take the car out for one last photoshoot before it is riding on air. Full set can be found here:
  10. dustinwark

    Portland next weekend?

    Any cool dudes with cool cars going to be in or around Portland next weekend? I am going to be up there and kinda want to shoot some cool cars or something.
  11. dustinwark

    Upgraded my camera to be able to shoot video, input requested!

    So I upgraded my camera from a Nikon D80 to a D5100 in order to start shooting video. I have no idea what I am doing or how to properly use the software to edit so I am just doing some testing, but I would love everyone's input, criticisms, advice, etc. Again, I have no experience shooting video...
  12. dustinwark

    Fedex dropped a couple of wheel boxes off at my house today....

    Check out my brand new VMRs!!!! wait...That's not right, not what I ordered at all. Let's open them up... Yay! My Miros are finally here. Nope, hold on, this is definitely not right..
  13. dustinwark

    Looking back on all the wheels/finishes I have had on my GTI

    I know I am no where near as wheel-whorish as some on here, but I found it interesting anyway. Anyone else make a picture like this before?
  14. dustinwark

    The Off-Topic Chat Thread

    Hey fuckers!
  15. dustinwark

    WTB: Jetta/GT/Wolfy/slatted fog grilles

    Hello Golfmkv, Looking for some CHEAP slatted fog grilles (fog holes not required). They don't have to be in the best condition either, as long as the top half is uncracked. Looking for someone with a set sitting unused that they wouldn't mind getting rid of for super cheap. I am going to cut...
  16. dustinwark

    State of the Board/Moderation Update

    Fair enough
  17. dustinwark

    State of the Board/Moderation Update

    Does this relate to a few golfmkv members getting banned for phantom duplicate accounts?
  18. dustinwark

    No Shave November

    Very disappointed in the lack of beards here, come on golfmk6! Old picture, but where my beard usually sits: