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  1. dubbin

    STOCK TSI intercooler hoses

    set of stock intercooler hoses i bought for my tsi when i installed the s3 intercooler. bought a stock set just in case i reverted back, but i jus traded it in with the intercooler on. so someone take these.. 65$ plus shipping obo, and thats a pretty fair price seeing how much these go for new.
  2. dubbin

    Gti hatch area cargo net

  3. dubbin

    TSI intake/CC/ Water Meth Kit

    UPDATED PRICING* METH SOLD Bsh intake im asking 150 +shipping and cc setup im asking 130 plus shipping
  4. dubbin

    MASSIVE Part Out

    yea we have all heard it before, but im sure i can fill these shoes.. BSH race intake (one piece, with heat shield) $200 BSH catch can (recirc) $150 (Id like to sell the catch can and intake together, i be willing to do 330 shipped for both items, and the tap) Snow W/M kit. Non progressive...
  5. dubbin

    UG Votex Lowers (feeler)

    REAR AN SIDES SOLD, FRONT STILL AVAIL Car is going soon, in the very near future, so slowly starting getting rid of parts. i can ship but will be at your expence seeing how i still got the boxes this stuff came in. just realize they are big and wont be cheap. So up for sale is rear votex...
  6. dubbin

    H&R 5mm spacers

    8mm spacers, not 5mm Made by H&R. 40$ shipped. Not hub-centric (worked w/o rings. no rattles or noises). you pay the paypal fees. Questions?
  7. dubbin

    Raceland 10mm hubcentric spacers

    Black, no bolts, fits 5x112 and 5x100. Pm me if u want pics they are on my iphone and cant upload..but , um, they are
  8. dubbin

    H&R 12mm spacers w/ Ext Lugs

    I have a pair of 12mm h&r spacers, hub centric, with extended lugs. Lookin to get 70$ + shipping.
  9. dubbin

    holy mother of electrical nightmare is the deal, couple months ago got.a bulb out light and my.mfd informed me that my main beam, high beam, and fogligght was out, here's the weird part, my front left headlight worked, but the city light and bumper light were out. And the front left fog worked too. But the right side all...
  10. dubbin

    WTB 10mm spacers, or 12's?

    title states it, 10mm spacers would be HIGHLY preferred, but 12's could possibly work, 15's+ would be too much. i measured the gap and it aint a lot, thus my request. i dont want 8's or 5's and i dont want 16's or 20's WITH BOLTS would be preferred :-)
  11. dubbin

    TSI...misfire? or something else.

    *UPDATE* IT WAS THE COPPER PLUGS! So here is the deal, for about the past 5k miles i been feeling a jolt or a miss or bucking feeling when i go WOT. I got the car scanned yesterday, no soft codes, and no cel's. Im hopin to do some logging this weekend weather and schedule planning but just...
  12. dubbin

    SB Stg2 Daily Clutch Kit Review (tsi)

    Ok so i just got this installed today, picked it up about fours ago and have put 78 miles on it. now im still breaking it in but i must say, I LIKE THIS KIT. By that i mean i like the new feel. I remember reading that ppl weres sayin this felt like stock..? Hell naw, this thing is no kidding...
  13. dubbin

    Snow tires

    So here is my dilemma. Moving to Salt Lake City here in about two weeks ( not by choice) and i know or should i say i have a good feeling im going to encounter snow. Now i ordered some snow tires for the stock wheels and my question is if i drive from San Diego to SLC on the snow tires, other...
  14. dubbin

    flywheel resurface

    Has anyone ever resurfaced the stock flywheel? if so any problems encountered or anything of the sort? TIA for any helpful insight here.
  15. dubbin

    K Sport Coilovers

  16. dubbin

    GoodBye Socal, Hello Salt Lake City

    So, once again in my marine corps career, i am forced to move. So to all the poeple in Socal i have met over the past three yrs, its been fun. I am not sure about the dub scene in Salt Lake City, but i dont think its as prevelant as it is here in Socal, and that makes me a sad panda. I hope im...
  17. dubbin

    TSI Clutch

    22,700 miles. Starting to slip.... one thing after another it seems with this car over the past month. looks like my next "mod" is the tsi clutch plate from DBC. I know im not the only one with this issue, i have seen others with very similiar miles and same mods.
  18. dubbin

    TSI Turbo Failure

    Well, i had been dealing with some lost in boost/power the past few weeks, and after checking all connections and having successful logs, i finally threw a check engine light. it was a P00299 code: Boost Pressure Regulation; Control Range not reached. This is what i was waiting for before...
  19. dubbin

    Clear Sidemarkers