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  1. shelbzz

    Dat New New

    Yeah, I'm back from the dead kinda. Been rushing to finish some stuff before this show season. Latest project, shaved the exhaust cutout on my euro spec rear bumper and did a clean turn down on my Magnaflow AND shaved the sidemarkers on a Jetta front bumper, got a new votex lip painted and the...
  2. shelbzz

    FS: Light Grey Rabbit Interior Parts-sunvisors, lights & grab handles

    2 Sun visors (NOT homelink)- $85 shipped passenger side airbag sticker was can see faintly see where it was (can most likely be cleaned away) 2 visor lights - $15 shipped Front Map lights (w/o sunroof switch, no surround or sun-glass holder)- $25 shipped Rear Reading...
  3. shelbzz

    Sunday after the BBQ.

    We had a BBQ/GTG at the park on Sunday and a 3 of us attempted to do a little photoshoot in the air plane watching lot but that was a no go for the static guys so we found this spot down the street. Enjoy! BTW, I'm pretty sure ep1kgti is still selling his creme rs's :wink:
  4. shelbzz

    VEGAS- BBQ @ Sunset Park, Sunday, Oct 16!!

    What: Meet/Potluck BBQ When: Sunday, Oct 16, 2011 @ 2pm Where: Sunset Park, South-west parking lot off Eastern. Onto the food, I'd like for this to be Potluck style and have everyone pitch in on something if you can. It's obvious what is needed for a BBQ, so if you can bring something post it...
  5. shelbzz

    H2Oi hip pictures.

    Didn't feel like taking pictures at all, but had to so I held the camera at my hip and walked around. [/url] The Full Set:
  6. shelbzz

    FS: OEM GTI Open Fog grilles

  7. shelbzz

    EOS Cruise 2011 (Vegas get out of your caves.)

    Lots of JDM, but let's try and spread the dub love?? It's for a good cause as well:thumbsup: Meet up for the cruise down to the Show N Shine at Veterans Memorial Park is same spot as SKE meet (215 and Jones Starbucks), Sunday, August 21st @ 10AM. Shown N Shine is 10:45 I believe for people who...
  8. shelbzz

    Another Big SoCal Euro Video!!

    My brother and I took a roadtrip down to Big Socal Euro Gathering from Las Vegas and filmed the entire trip. It was nice meeting everyone and we had a great time, we will for sure come back again! Wish we could have gotten more of the cars at the meet, it was definitely a big event, but here's...
  9. shelbzz

    Vegas- Anyone going to Big Socal Euro Gathering on July 30th?

    Saturday - July 30th, 2011 @ Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego CA "In 2009, we filled Qualcomm Stadium with over 1700 cars.. Every year the event has gotten bigger and bigger. Since our first event in 2001, our events have turned out some of the largest crowds of any European automotive enthusiast...
  10. shelbzz

    FS: Black Tinted MKV Tail lights

    SOLD ;)
  11. shelbzz

    shelbzz '87 Jetta GLI

    So, I bought a "new" project '87 Jetta GLI 8v with 5 speed manual trans, power locks, power windows, A/C (currently not blowing cold :cry:), leather and cloth interior. :eyebulge: no rear with the MKV :biggrin: a little bit from the interior. The drivers seat is pretty...
  12. shelbzz

    What time does the sun set ?

    I think we made it. Last minute photoshoot with ep1kGTI, some dope pictures by his friend Chester, enjoy...or don't, idgaf :thumbup: lol
  13. shelbzz

    FS Feeler: AF-S VR Nikkor Lens 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF-ED

    FS: AF-S VR Nikkor Lens 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G IF-ED Hate to give it up (I saved my ass off just to buy the thing 2 years ago) I'm just desperate for money and don't really need it now soo.... Works amazing, still have the original box, will include the the carrying case thing, a Hoya 67mm UV...
  14. shelbzz

    Not really going anywhere...

    I'm getting really bored not doing anything else to my car lately, so I decided I'd go snap some pictures on top of the Palace Station Garage. The same one from Wuste 2010. Enjoy :smile: There's a few more in my Flickr located in my sig as well. And for the people that don't follow my...
  15. shelbzz

    WTB/WTT: Black or Dark Grey Interior pieces

    What the title says. I want it all. 4 oh s*** handles, both the sunvisors, the rear dome lights, and front lights and that whole shabang up there...shipped to 89123. I can also trade you for my light grey interior pieces...PM me please and thank you!
  16. shelbzz

    Vegas needs its own Spotted Thread.

    I see a lot more of the VW scene around the streets now so I'm starting a thread....right now. Watch, I'll probably be the only person to post in here anyways since Vegas is so weak. pfffttt.
  17. shelbzz

    WTB: OEM Passenger Tail light (outer corner) or maybe a whole new set of tails?

    Some hit me and smashed the crap out of my tail light. I don't know how much $....maybe I'll get a whole new set of tails? led, oem tinted, r32, euro...let me know what you have!
  18. shelbzz


    Original thread from VWVortex:!!-Photoshoot-Group-Drive-and-BBQ-Red-Rock Meet @ Starbucks on Town Square and Charleston at Noon on Saturday OCT 9th, leave there @ 12:30 and head towards Red Rock at Calico Basin where we will hangout...