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    AEM 340 LPFP with basket

    Hello you still have this?
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    Possible Cam Chain/Tensioner Wear?

    Roh, Do you have a procedure/how to for checking the chain stretch with VCDS? Thanks.
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    FS: Mk6 GTI leather seats, front and rear.

    Any chance you’d sell just the driver’s seat shipped to 77494?
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    FS MKV Parts

    Great - let me know what you want for it shipped to 77494.
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    FS MKV Parts

    Still have the complete center vents with the top mesh part? Any broken tabs?
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    Ordering a replacement BorgWarner K04 from FCP Euro....

    I’m sure you’ve considered rebuilding your K04. Bearing kit and rotor balance are fairly cheap. I’ve had good luck ordering parts from FCP - never had to use the lifetime warranty so can’t comment on that.
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    Sold - Classix
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    Charge pipes for K04

    I use this same setup. Works great and fits well.
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    High mileage MKVers - how has it been?

    Did you use an OE oil filter housing? I’m planning to do this soon along with the thermostat.
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    Sold - Forge Twintake

    Posted in VWVortex
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    2.0t FSI EA113; Proper PCV-to-Crankcase breather tube info....

    Thanks for that. I’ll make that modification this weekend.
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    2.0t FSI EA113; Proper PCV-to-Crankcase breather tube info....

    ROH thanks for posting this very useful info. I installed a recirculating catch can system about 15K miles ago on my 2007 FSI GTI and never checked this rear breather. Currently in the middle of a K04 upgrade and went to check that rear tube after reading your post. It is a valved tube. How...
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    HID Fogs -MKV Gti, NIB

    Pics please.
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    WTB: Dual Mass Flywheel

    Looking for dual mass flywheel for FSI GTI with BPY engine code. OEM VW/LUK Dual Mass Flywheel - Part # 06F105266AC
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    K04 Uograde - In Stages

    Hey All, I have been accumulating all the required parts to upgrade to a K04 on my 2007 FSI GTI. The reason for doing the upgrade in “stages” is simple - time and money and I need this car as my daily. Car is currently APR S1 with intake/DP/catch can. I know I need intake carbon cleaning...
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    Driver side axle

    Hoping someone can help me with a part number/fitment question. I drive a 2007 GTI and I need to replace the driver side axle. Someone is selling an axle out of a 2013 GLI with part number 1K0407271. How can I verify if it will fit? Thanks!
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    PM if you have one for sale. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB--OEM Steering Wheel Control Module 1K0 953 549 CH

    Please PM if you have one for sale. I will pay shipping.
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    Mkv GTI Valeo Tails and coding help - Please!

    I just installed the Valeo LED tails in my 2007 GTI. I used the ECS adapters (did not run 4th wire) and did not run the rear fog wire. I used the following coding in Central Electronics Module long coding, bits 9 through 13: 00 00 00 0F 00 The lights work fine with amber turns, brake light...