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  1. bostonaudi

    Conti used race tires

    Hey all, I know many like Direzza's, RS3's, but if you want a real thrill try the Conti race tires, there are folks selling slightly used race tires from Grand AM ST series on various boards, and the spec size is perfect for VW MK5 - 225-45-17. Before you scoff at a 225, these are easily as wide...
  2. bostonaudi

    FS 2008 GTI track car

    My 2008 GTI is up for sale:
  3. bostonaudi

    FS: 2008 GTI not babied

    *** SOLD *** Up for sale is my United Grey 2008 4 door option 0 GTI. Perfect track or autocross candidate. If you are looking to build a car for more spirited use, this car should be a candidate. I have done all the expensive stuff, adding the parts below will cost many thousands. This car has...
  4. bostonaudi

    Mk7 is out!

    Our local dealer has a white 6 sp, car looks good. It doesn't have the power pack, but has some nice stuff like rear view camera, Fender stereo etc. going to test drive it soon. The car seems bigger, just felt bigger standing next to it. To me it's not well differentiated from the Mk6 though...
  5. bostonaudi

    Dunlop Direzza Z2 on close out

    The Z2 didn't last long, already on close out at the Tirerack. Apparently they already have an improved Star Spec version coming out this fall. Looking around other boards seems many still liked the Z1 Star Specs better than the Z2's.
  6. bostonaudi

    FS: BSH PCV kit

    This kit eliminates the front factory PCV valve and eliminates chance of failure. Boxed and ready to ship. Asking $75 shipped.
  7. bostonaudi

    Automatic Car and smartphone app

    A little off topic, but this is a why didn't I think of that? Rather than the usual gear head apps, this one is for the typical driver, seems to tie it all together:
  8. bostonaudi

    Race mode indeed

    I was thinking mk7 GTI would be my next car, but might have to go all in with a MK7 Golf R. 290 hp? No need for chips. I think this car will do just fine as delivered...
  9. bostonaudi

    Enkei Racing PF01 wheels with Kuhmo 245-40-17

    Enkei Racing PF01 wheels. They are perfect on mk5/6 cars, lightweight (17 lb) and 17x8 for easy 245-40-17 fitment. I used them for 3 years with no issues. Included are appropriate lug bolts. There is no wheel rash on any wheel from curbs as they were only used at track events, but one has some...
  10. bostonaudi

    Enkei Racing Track wheels for sale

    SOLD Posting here due to likely interest, selling my Enkei Racing PF01 wheels. They are perfect on mk5/6 cars, lightweight (17 lb) and 17x8 for easy 245-40-17 fitment. I used them for 3 years with no issues. Included are appropriate lug bolts. There is no wheel rash on any wheel from curbs as...
  11. bostonaudi

    New (old) E36 M3

    Got the car together again, out on a drive with it today. Engine running a bit rough when cold, and I think a coil pack is acting up, but it's running. Sits a lot lower than my Mk5! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
  12. bostonaudi

    Mk7 GTI vs Focus ST

    This months Car and Driver pits the new MK7 GTI vs the Focus ST. The Mk6 lost this comparo by a single point, but they put the MK7 ahead by quite a margin, essentially winning every category. The GTI used in the article didn't have the torque vectoring front differential, they claim another GTI...
  13. bostonaudi

    Volvo track car?

    Maybe this isn't for mom only, never heard of it until a co-worker test drove one...
  14. bostonaudi

    M3 track car alive

    The beast is alive. Drove it to work today for first time. Had some challenges to get it running well enough to drive again, but its together again, no leaks, coolant temp holding rock steady. Rough idle when cold, and it occasionally misfires, so likely needs a plug/coil pack refresh. Any M3...
  15. bostonaudi

    Grand Am weekend at Road Atlanta

    Yours truly having chat with the legend, Hurley Haywood. Have full track credential for the weekend including pit pass, just talked to Josh Hurley as well, really nice guy, tomorrow's racing should be awesome.
  16. bostonaudi

    Mk5 track car part out

    Letting go of some parts:
  17. bostonaudi

    Mk5 Track car part out

    My 08 is retired from HPDE duty, so have some goodies for sale: 034 Motorsport upper strut mounts - Only installed for about 2 months, barely used. Currently out of stock at 034. Much harder rubber mount than stock, also helps cure squeaks and noise from stiffer springs. $75 shipped. Schroth...
  18. bostonaudi

    Driving Mk4 R32 at the track

    Got to drive a factory stock Mk4 R32 at Roebling last weekend, this car is fun. I've driven em before, but never at a high speed event. Its a little heavy, but handles remarkably well, even stock. Stock 240 hp gets the car moving reasonably well, and the cars ability to rotate is pretty good. On...
  19. bostonaudi

    Koni Sport with DG review

    Thought I'd offer up some Koni love, as an alternative to the Bilstein shock thread. Another equally excellent setup for street/track is simple good old Koni Sport shocks with DG springs. For reference, I have used Koni's, Bilsteins, and other gas monotube setups (Eibach) on more than one...
  20. bostonaudi

    A real good brake setup

    So usually at beginning of year I make a few tweaks to the car to try something new, and it was time do something about the brakes. After running front R32 brakes for a while with RB rotors and having the rotors fail early, I sold the brakes. The big R brakes aren't bad and can generate good...