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    Feeler/FS: Partout (stuff you'll like too)

    Start making some serious offers and convince me to move on to something else. Parts are still on the car, so I would have to take them off as they sell. Email is probably the quickest way to get a response from me. Joey(dot)Ruffolo (at) gmail (dot) com **ALL PRICES PLUS SHIPPING** BBS RS...
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    Giusep4's Build/Photo thread

    Been busy lately putting together my buddy Bryan's Evo X. He got a bunch of parts over the last few months, and it was time to put it together. Finally rolled it out of the garage today no rubbing and pushing around 400awhp. Wheels are 19x10.5 et 5ish.
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    Giusep4's Build/Photo thread

    Before and after
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    Giusep4's Build/Photo thread

    These bags and struts are tiiiny
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    Giusep4's Build/Photo thread

    So this is not Mkv related but I've been in the process of getting my girlfriends mini bagged. Ill post up some pics along the line.
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    Dat Ass Thread

    body work this weekend
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    Fs/ft 19x9 OEM A8 wheels

    I'm bored and I'm not sure if I want 19's anymore. These are somewhat rare for an OEM wheel. So I'm putting these up for sale. One has a bend on the face but I'm willing to get it fixed and have all the wheels powder coated for the buyer. 1000 as is with 215/35 federal tires. Around 6k on...
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    FS: 17x8.5/10 et17 AMG aero 1's OZ racing

    asking $2200 with 205/40 and 205/45 yokohama s drive tires. $1900 without tires. They are flat white right now, paint could be redone, but imperfections can only be seen up close. Lips are all straight, no cracks in any barrels. Lips look great when fully polished, havent really had a chance...
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    FS/FT 19" range rover HSE wheels

    Bump wheels are flat white now.
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    FS/FT 19" range rover HSE wheels

    I've had these for about a week or two. Tires are federal ss595 215/35/19 all around and have maybe 200 miles on them. Adapters are adaptec and are also brand new 18mm front and 28mm rear. Bringing the final offset to 35 front and 25 rear. Wheels have some light scuffs and could use a good...