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  1. 2.06thgen

    Any cyclist on here

    How does it handle the hitch set up? I have the saris rack but I would like that clean look back. And does it weight the car down in the back? Also what did you lower the car on? I have bilstein struts and eibach pro kit springs (1” drop) I have installed yet because I want to do a hitch but I...
  2. 2.06thgen

    Any cyclist on here

    Nice you’ve had quite the collection
  3. 2.06thgen

    Any cyclist on here

    I have a old Fuji sst 2012 that I race on she still looks good though
  4. 2.06thgen

    Any cyclist on here

    Where the cyclist at?
  5. 2.06thgen

    When they told me the GTI was a P@$$Y magnet....

    Lol mine does I tell them I have heated seat [emoji125][emoji100]
  6. 2.06thgen

    POLE: Sex in the car?

    Back seat was perfect
  7. 2.06thgen

    Just in: Paul Walker possibly dead

    RIP Paul Walker the friend I never met
  8. 2.06thgen

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    mine is already paid for just need to pick it up
  9. 2.06thgen

    The car game is serious in Russia
  10. 2.06thgen

    The ULTIMATE Workout Thread

    post some videos
  11. 2.06thgen

    JEEP SRT8 > GTI ?

    what kind of dog do you have!?
  12. 2.06thgen

    As a Man...

    Well damn
  13. 2.06thgen

    Word Association Game #2

  14. 2.06thgen

    APR Prices

    yesterday march 14th...I've been checking the site daily waiting for there sell prices to go up it's usually around this time when they post their sell prices and came across 150 raise I was like :eyebulge:
  15. 2.06thgen

    APR Prices

    Did anybody else notice APR raised their prices daily stage 2 clutch was 950.00 now it's listed at 1,100.00 I guess that means there going to post their sale soon 10% of the 1100 you'll end up paying 990
  16. 2.06thgen

    Just got engaged!

    congrats and hope it brings you many years of happiness
  17. 2.06thgen

    Some random pix for 1M

    omg I love the 1 series bmw I just couldn't afford one day though I will have a M series
  18. 2.06thgen

    Top 6 things you love

    1. GOD 2. Making money 3. Pu$$y 4. Racing 5. Vacation 6. Family and friends
  19. 2.06thgen

    2013 Genesis coupe

    the front is from the 2012 civic and little also came from the mazda