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    Need some help with rear seats

    Would anybody know what clip or whatever I would need to fix this? Thanks :thumbsup:
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    APR 600 HP Audi TTRS

    Youtube Channel 'Drive' visits APR: VNklpt8CVW4&feature=player_embedded#! :drool:
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    Gymkhana 5: San Francisco

    Searched all around to make sure it wasn't posted already. For those who haven't seen it yet, here ya' go: LuDN2bCIyus :clap:
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    WTB: Center Vent

    Looking to buy center (left) vent as shown. Mine broke over the weekend :frown: Let me know what you got, pics are much appreciated. Thanks...
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    WTB Wolfsburg Black Front Grill

    Mods please delete.
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    Premium 7 from GTI -> Rabbit

    Mods please delete - got help on Vortex.
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    Forza 4

    As much as I enjoyed GT5 this game sh*ts all over it - the fun factor is just awesome.
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    Forza 4

    Hey guys I just picked this up (I'm more on the mkV forums) but if someone sends me an invite to the vwc that would be sweet thanks (username - eff1n er1c)
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    Protect IP | SOPA Act Cannot Happen!

    If this passes, the Internet that we all know and love will never be the same... Spread the word! yDX8Lyl16Qs American Censorship Day - November 16, 2011 "This Wednesday, November 16, the disastrous "Stop Online Privacy Act" (SOPA) heads to the House...
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    Installed New Exhaust; Lost Tune?

    Hoping maybe someone may have an idea... When I got my car tuned by Unitronic; I was running a catless 3" dp to the stock catback. I was tuned so I would be able to hit 20lbs and hold 18psi. I have just installed my new 3" GHL downpipe and catback this past weekend (sounds amazing btw) but I...
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    WTB: Key FOB

    Found one - Mods please delete!
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    Rear Wheel Bearing

    I have been searching around for information on rear wheel bearings (found a few threads here and on VWVortex). Mine definitely need to be replaced very soon so I'm trying to get an idea of ALL the parts I will need to order. And since, I don't know shit about this, I am posting here. Would...
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    Air in Gas Tank?

    Hey everybody ~ I have noticed for a little while now that when I go to get gas and open the cap to my gas tank, I basically have a gurgle from the gas tank, like air is escaping. Just curious if this is happening to anyone else and if it is anything I should worry about. A lot of times, when I...
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    WTB Winter Tires

    Mods please delete thanks
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    FS: 65" Toshiba DLP 1080p HDTV

    This is a long shot on here but feel it can't hurt: My stepfather has a 62" Toshiba DLP HDTV (along with stand). Model number is 62HM196. Pics: Asking Price: $1200 firm. (Paid roughly $3000) (Pick Up Only) ** Only reason it's for sale is because he got a new TV from his job...
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    FS: Subwoofers & Boxes

    Mods please delete.
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    FS: Top Vent / Stock DV

    Mods please delete.
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    Stock Springs / Shocks

    Mods please delete.
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    v8 Go Kart!!!!!

    gotta love our rednecks: V8 Go Kart!!! yes the gas tank is a made from a keg :lol:
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    FS: Going back to stock?

    thread moved. mods please delete.