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  1. boostboostboost

    NY: FS: GTI monster mat set w/ gorilla gear trunk floor

    GTI just sold today to selling the remainder of parts i can.. Here is my set of mats off the car, rears and passenger are virtually new, the driver side has usual wear for floormats.. With the trunk ill take 50 for it all. OBO.. Need these gone.. Just the mats would be 40 picked up. Don't...
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    FS: NY: cF front grille

    Up for sale is a gti front grille assembly cf front up to the with the red lip inside it included. Does not include the VW front emblem as you would swap it from your other grille. Price is 120 OBO need it gone, selling the car soon. NO license plate holes drilled, this grille is mint...
  3. boostboostboost

    unsettling engine knock

    What's up guys, I have an 06 gti with 86k, stock clutch and all, and in the recent weeks the car has aquired a weird noise that I've never heard in the ownership of the car. Two actually, one is when I'm slowly letting off the clutch at about 40% release, there's a very small click, or "pop"...
  4. boostboostboost

    NY: WTB: 17's w/ tires OEMs...

    Show me your set and ill see what my offer is with condtion and tread in mind.. Classix, huffs, denvers, up to anything let me know whats up. Thanks Local pref. :thumbsup:
  5. boostboostboost

    WTT: Black painted classix + $$$ for 17" w/ tires

    Have my set of 17" classix w/ tires with about 15% in the front 25% in the back. (Pretty much shot) Wheels are 8.5/10 some curbage / rash but defiantly appealing. Looking for anything pretty much with decent tread (40 - 80) % OEM rims withs conti's...
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    NY: FS: H & R super sport springs!

    Hey all, Have my used set of H&R super sport springs up for sale now. Recently moved over to FK powertech coils and these gotta go. These springs offer around a 2" - 2.25" drop if i'm informed correctly. Brand new for 230.00 on tirerack. Will let these go for 140, springs are in great...
  7. boostboostboost

    Correct speeds for each gear.

    Recently was told by a friend of mine that going too slow in a high gear does damage over a period of time and it just cant be good. I figured that must be true it makes sense, nonetheless, id like to see a common range of appropriate speeds per gear. Just wondering here are some commons i...
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    Brand New Stock Fuel Pump

    225 shipped is still too high for a stock pump. Ive seen brand new OEM pumps for 150 shipped. Just sayin'
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    Ticket at the dealership...

    Left my car on the main road that the Dealership is on as i dropped it off, recieved a phone call from service at Volks today at 3pm telling me i got a parking ticket for leaving the car there overnight. This is completly rediculous, when i turn over my keys, without a doubt Volkswagen should...
  10. boostboostboost

    V-band clamp issues

    Recently installed the Megan racing down-pipe. The pipe itself is nothing amazing but it defiantly gets the job done. Smooth tone and noticeable gain. (Could just be me) Anyway, the V-band clamp i got for the piping was a half inch too small and it will need to be welded. Should i go for...
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    New here, could use some advice

    Hey guys, just got my bmp mkv serviced at my local Volkswagen, they did all 3 recalls for my year model. It was an ECU upgrade, all 4 coil packs replaced, and driver and passenger airbag harness'. The thing is that my airbag CEL is still on after the procedure and I can't pinpoint the problem...