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  1. Maiden69

    What's the thought on a 2016 Volvo s60 polestar?

    There are a few on cargurus, 2022 models for mid $40ks (I guess around 60k CAD), so 44kCAD for a 16 I think it is not bad given the stupid auto market right now.
  2. Maiden69

    Woodworking/Lumber Question

    They will last for a while, but exposure to sun-water-temp change will make them warp. If you can get some phenolic boards locally, they are much better for what you are doing. Best option would be a sheet of 1/4" aluminum, but I don't know how that will affect your reception. What I have seen...
  3. Maiden69

    Anyone here work for UPS?

    This X100, I always insure what I am shipping for the price of sale (or price of item, which ever is greater) + my time + shipping price.
  4. Maiden69

    Electric Mini-quad build for m(e)y son

    Cool, I'm a little lucky because of the size of the motor needed when it comes to a battery. A Dewalt 6ah will be plenty for what I need and will allow me to do the entire house in one charge. I had a few links for websites that sell sprockets, but somehow either deleted the folder or it was...
  5. Maiden69

    Electric Mini-quad build for m(e)y son

    I was never a fan of those plastic roller tensioners. You could retrofit an idler sprocket or swap it for a universal bolt-on system. Love your project, I was working on retrofitting an electric motor to an old reel mower, but ended up buying a new one instead.
  6. Maiden69

    Toyota GR Corolla Discussion

    +1, I talked to the owner of the Toyota dealership last month and he said there are no GR Corollas in the US, other than the ones used for promotion. That he is scheduled to receive some (already sold...) mid to late fall this year. And he added that Toyota sent them a letter telling them to...
  7. Maiden69

    Who knows about Macs

    I tried Linux, have one machine set in VMware, and also had one in HyperV before I gave it to my son. I do understand what you are saying, but the fact is that Mac OS has always been more proactive than Windows into fixing patches... which is basically what most anti-virus software do. There is...
  8. Maiden69

    Who knows about Macs

    Like stated above it is unlikely that it is turned on. Since they no longer boot, get an adapter for the hard drive and connect it to your computer to remove the files. 'There is a lot of information on this site on how to do almost anything on a Mac, I'm sure you can find free software links...