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    Help with Highline retrofit part number

    Hi guys, need some help retrofitting the Highline steering control module to my manual 2008 mk5 golf GT. I’m unsure of what module I need to buy this is what I currently have: 3C0959542 - MFSW Module 1K0953513G - Cruise Control Stalk 1K0953549CA - Steering Control Module 1k0959653c - Clock...
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    Mk5 Golf Highline retrofit help

    Hi guys, I’ve got a 2008 Mk5 GT. I’ve fitted a flat bottom steering wheel with MFSW buttons and also fitted a cruise control stalk however, I’ve currently got the midline control module and need to fit a highline one I’m struggling to pick the right one. My current parts list below: 3C0959542 -...