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    Garage clean out sale

    Found some old car parts while emptying out the garage. Don't want to throw away parts but if nobody is interested I'm tossing everything out. Pics: Also not pictured are the trunk floor mat, stock intake system, and stock wheel bolts. Text 818-223-1816
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    FS: Airlift Slam XL / Performance Rear Bags / Rear Shocks / Dorbritz Designs Brackets

    FS: Airlift Slam XL / Performance Rear Bags / Rear Shocks / Dorbritz Designs ... -2 Airlift Slam XLs - sold (has worn leader hose on one side, doesn't leak) -2 Airlift Rear Shocks - $70 -1 Airlift Performance Rear Bag - $40 (only one bag for sale, other one is blown) -2 Airlift Rear Brackets -...
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    FS - (4) 5x112 20mm spacers

    $80 shipped OBO
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    FS - Eurojet catback

    Selling a Eurojet catback for the mkv gti, around 15k miles. $300 picked up in socal
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    FS: 2009 GTI | DSG | Candy White | Airlift | SOCAL
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    fs/ft: 3sdm 0.05

    sold 3SDM 0.05s up for trade. Few minor scuffs on the rears and a bit of clear coat peel on one of them. Fronts are in good condition. They are 18x8.5 + 18x9.5, tires are done. I'd rather not ship unless buyer is willing to pay for shipping. $1k obo. Would trade for Tarmacs or anything similar.
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    WTT: 3SDM 0.05 18x8.5 + 18x9.5 socal

    3SDM 0.05s, staggered. 18x8.5 et42 + 18x9.5 et40. Falken 912s all around, rears are almost done with camber wear and fronts are at about 50%. Wheels are about 9/10, very light curb rash about an inch long on one wheel and a couple other very minor knicks throughout. Will get closeup pics soon...
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    fs:denvers (socal)

    not in the greatest condition, probably about a 6.5/10. tires are almost completely worn but still driveable. $200 local picked up.
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    reddit loves us

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    noisy bumpstops

    i just had some bumpstop spacers put on my rear shocks (by tony in the sfv for the locals) and now i'm getting a super annoying squeak sound any time the shock compresses, even over the smallest road imperfections. i heard the 8th gen civics had this problem too and there was a recall. anyone...
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    ebay front vw emblem

    someone decided to steal the front emblem off my car, not sure i want to spend $50 from ecs if the ones off ebay look/fit like oem. anyone try these yet...
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    FS: rear left control arm bushings

    brand new, 35 shipped each. part #1K0199231J ecstuning
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    routing air lines

    does anyone have any pictures of how they ran their air lines to the outside of the car? i'm thinking of going through the rubber grommets in the spare wheel well but i'm not sure what's under there (gas tank, exhaust, etc). also i want to keep my spare if possible.
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    WTB: Rotiform NUE 18s

    Staggered fitment preferred. Let me know what you got.
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    rubbing/grinding noise from the front (bearing?)

    i'm getting a rubbing noise coming from the front driver's side wheel. usually happens when it's cold out or when i'm coasting under 20. the noise fluctuates depending on my speed, and it's gotten to the point where i can feel it in the pedals. my guess is it's a worn bearing, any thoughts?
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    question to those running modded fks

    right now i'm at 0 in the rear w perch and locking collars in, front is at about 7 threads with no helper. front sits lower and i'm trying to get the rear to even out. is it safe to just run the perch itself without locking collars? would the spring shift around since the inner diameter of the...
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    steering wheel controls not working

    i got in my car this morning and none of the steering wheel controls were working. dsg paddles wouldn't shift either. i looked it up and apparently it's the clockspring. the weird thing is, yesterday when i took a hard turn i got a beeping noise from the dash and all the error lights lit up. i...