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  1. apollosfury

    My H2Oi MKV shots

    Figured I'd dump them in here for anyone who might be in them :thumbsup: High Resolution to these plus the handful of other I took this weekend can be found Here
  2. apollosfury

    First Video

    Decided to make a short video today. This is the first time I've spent more than 20 minutes making a video and I wanted to test the video capabilities of my dslr and compare the quality to my go pro. I think it came out decent for a first attempt, but could obviously use some work for future...
  3. apollosfury

    VR6 Corrado

    Got the chance to shoot a buddy's Corrado tonight. In new england it's rare to see such a clean Corrado. Pics came out okay.
  4. apollosfury

    Air lines

    For those of you wtih air setups that kept your spare, where did you route the air lines? i know a lot of people go through the grommets on the floor under where the spare goes, but i'm not sure if that would work in this situation given space limitations. Anyone who has or has installed a...
  5. apollosfury

    SMC water trap

    SOLD I've got a new 3/8" SMC water trap. Just getting my setup installed while i wait for spring and realized it's too tall to fit with my install so i've ordered a 1/4". Just got it yesterday, and it's brand new. $30 shipped.
  6. apollosfury

    Air and Seafoam

    shot a couple of friends cars today. Both recently got air and the GTI was recently resprayed seafoam green. more on my flickr:
  7. apollosfury


    a few weeks ago I posted a pic of my buddy's GTI, but just over a week ago we actually went out and shot it in a slightly more formal way. I'm a contributor to GGC, so that's the watermark, but here are the shots. Modifications: Performance C2 Engine Software with C2...
  8. apollosfury

    A friend's gti

    a good friend of mine got air this week and we were able to get a couple decent shots. color is aviator grey (from the TT) and the's k04 w/supporting mods.
  9. apollosfury

    noise on front passenger side

    about a week and a half ago i started hearing a strange clink sound on the front passenger side suspension. The only way i can think to describe it is like there is something sitting on the control arm and when i hit a series of bumps it rattles. It is only on the passenger side, and only over...
  10. apollosfury

    Something a little different

    the chrome on my original dsg shift knob was peeling pretty good, so after some looking around i figured out how to take it off and in the process found an alternative solution called the 'tip mod'. how do take the dsg knob off the tip...
  11. apollosfury

    My SoWo 2013 Pics

    This was my first SoWo and it was a blast. Look forward to making it a tradition! Full Sets here: or here:
  12. apollosfury

    oh craigslist.....

    take a look at this gem... completely custom mazda 626 has chopped top, custom dash, custom body kit, custom stereo, more interested in trading text if you interested theress a list of modifications done to this car nothing wrong with it runs...
  13. apollosfury

    GTI Grilles

    two stock gti grilles. one has had the plate holes filled and is plasti-dipped -- $50 shipped the other is in pretty good shape with no plate holes and no major blemishes. $85 shipped Can get more pics if necessary no emblems or anything, just the grilles.
  14. apollosfury

    Don't call it a build thread

    It seems like everyone is making 'build threads' these days, but I think those should be reserved for more extremely modded cars Bought in August of 2007 with ~10 miles, it's an '07 GTI with DSG. then i moved to Savannah, GA for school where it stayed stock for a while but eventually got...
  15. apollosfury

    Revo SPS switch

    GTI grilles SOLD SOLD SOLD Rarely used, in great shape. SPS switch. $75 shipped with box and manual. Must have Revo software for this to work. i can bring all to dustoff this weekend if there is interest. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  16. apollosfury

    Few shots from the fall

    The cold weather has me missing warmer weather and driving the gti. can't wait till spring and my first trip to SoWo!
  17. apollosfury

    First Snow

    I'm fortunate enough to not have to drive the GTI in winter, but it hasn't been fully put away yet so i decided to pull it out and take some shots of it in the first snow. This is 'winter mode'
  18. apollosfury

    H&R SuperSports, Sachs Shocks/Struts

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Price change. $125 SHIPPED FOR EVERYTHING Just got some coilovers so my previous suspension is up for sale. H&R supersport springs Probably about 45k miles on them, including the 5k that were on them from the previous owner. The 40k that i put on them was only...
  19. apollosfury

    My H2Oi Shots

    H2Oi was incredible again this year and the weather was even good! Rest can be found here (more from the mkv gtg too): OR here: