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  1. ChrisAttebery

    Tapatalk isn't loading and New Posts Errors out

    I can't get golfmkv to load on Tapatalk. I also get an error when I try to to to New Posts on my browser. This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 Thanks, Chris
  2. ChrisAttebery

    H&R 22mm Rear Sway Bar Mk5/6 Golf, GTI, Beetle, etc.

    I have a H&R 22mm Solid Rear Sway Bar for sale. It fits Mk6 GTI Golf and others. I used it for a couple hundred miles and decided I wanted something stiffer. I paid $235 for it a few weeks ago. I’m asking $150 obo.
  3. ChrisAttebery

    DAP 5x112 15mm spacers with black lugs

    I just bought these last week but they are making my rear tires rub. I only put about 100 miles on them. They are hub centric with a 57mm bore. I paid $80 for the set. I'm asking $50 plus shipping...
  4. ChrisAttebery

    WTB: Camber Plates

    WTB: Camber Plates (CLOSED!) I'm looking for a set of camber plates for a Mk5 or Mk6 GTI with stock struts and springs. I believe that they are the same for both generations. You can reply here or send me a PM. Thanks, Chris