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  1. zrickety

    2020 'Vette

    The previous gen ZR1 is where it's at.
  2. zrickety

    2020 'Vette

    I'm sorry but it's an ugly car. It looks like they stole the design from the Ferrari F430, circa 2004.
  3. zrickety

    What is your occupation?

    Wheelman and technician for a medical equipment company.
  4. zrickety

    Less power with updated APR tunes?

    I'm not entirely sure that's true. I found a post from 2011 that says stage 2 is 270hp, the site now says 278hp. At least for the newer TSI engines. I know they offer low torque files now for people worried about the clutch. For what it's worth, I have a stage 1 car with a downpipe but I'll...
  5. zrickety

    New Audi RS6 Avant commercial.

    I like. It's too bad they no longer offer the manual though...big part of the history.
  6. zrickety

    WTB MK 5 GTI

    I know I've seen cars with some of those mods. You'll find something either way.
  7. zrickety

    WTB MK 5 GTI

    Nice to see an enthusiast on the lookout. I'm curious why you picked an 09? For the MK6 engine? They have known ABS faults but there was a recall for them. It will be hard to find one with mileage that low, but I wish you luck. I sold my 09 and bought it back 4 years later at 173k...
  8. zrickety

    DIY door lock actuator

    I did a quick search and couldn't find this on the forum. I'll be replacing my passenger side later today.
  9. zrickety

    2008 GTI factory service manuals?

    I haven't seen pdf files. There is the workshop manual site, it's not easy to navigate but most of the info is there...
  10. zrickety

    FS: 2009 GTI Thunderbunny, 2 door, 92k miles, Long Beach, CA

    Got pics of the front and that custom trunk setup?
  11. zrickety

    Suspension refresh?

    The TT mounts are correct. The bushing I buy without the mount, you can cut out the originals and these will slide right in by hand. Save $18.
  12. zrickety

    Introductions thread (Part 2)

    Welcome friends, some great info on this site.
  13. zrickety

    I'm south of Atlanta, GA. I've heard of carbon cleaning in the $300 range. The timing chain...

    I'm south of Atlanta, GA. I've heard of carbon cleaning in the $300 range. The timing chain tensioner can vary quite a bit depending parts. If you don't do extended oil changes you probably don't need the chain or guides. I'll send you a PM.
  14. zrickety

    Suspension refresh?

    I would do the Whiteline control arm bushings (large ones) and some TT strut mounts. Save the others (tie rods, ball joints, etc) for when they wear out. If you don't mind spending a little for upgrades, the Passat knuckles and control arms are a good investment. Buy them used and you'll get...
  15. zrickety

    Thread on Audiworld - selling new RS3 master cylinder for 200

    Great info. Brakes are on my wishlist but can't get yet.
  16. zrickety

    Moving from NY to NC any advice?

    I had someone pull out from a side road right in front of me today and almost T-boned them at 60mph. Locked up the brakes on the Jeep. #ObliviousSoutherners
  17. zrickety

    Shifter play on transmission side

    I posed this question on the MK6 forum, but maybe you guys have more experience. I did the linkage adjustment yesterday, and there was a lot of play on top of the transmission. The cast arm was moving quite a bit independently of the shaft coming out of the trans. Is it the cast piece worn...
  18. zrickety

    Are You a Fast & Furious Fan?

    I haven't looked at the link, but I know it had a fake blower too. Typical Hollywood. I am a fan of the franchise though, the last Paul Walker movie had too much CGI, but the tribute was emotional.
  19. zrickety

    2009 TSI Multiple Misfire

    I had a whistle when the clip fell off the probably have some play there. Metal expands as it heats up, would explain why it goes away. You might want to look for a used low mileage exhaust manifold, they typically come with the turbo attached according to other users.