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  1. csumt76

    2020 'Vette

    Watched more vids on this car... They couldn't even make it do a burnout on dry pavement. The front wheels started skidding as they were locked up. 40/60 weight distribution... Also the launch mode looks awesome, and if you bull both paddles at the same time it allows a clutch dump. Can be done...
  2. csumt76

    What is your occupation?

    Pro gamer specifically madskillsmx2
  3. csumt76

    2020 'Vette

    I feel like the rear end looks like a squashed camaro
  4. csumt76

    2020 'Vette

    The 5th gen Camaro was not bad... worked on a lot of those SS/ZL1/Z28. Remember one SS 1LE that had a Maggie, cam, heads etc and made about 770 to the tire. It had stock size Michelins and I just couldn't understand. You couldn't get on it, unless you were doing maybe 80. 6th Gen not bad but...
  5. csumt76

    2020 'Vette

    I like this C8 but man I don't want to mod it. It took probably almost a year for the tuning to become available for the LT5 ZR1. It already has it's own sequential port injection system, but damn it is getting super expensive buying all the tuning credits. I can't imagine what it will cost and...
  6. csumt76

    Betel Nuts

    Lol yea don't be fooled if you're at a fancy dealer/biz and they have free snack mix/nuts. Guy told me he watched customers put their unfinished nuts back into the jar... communal nuts
  7. csumt76

    Betel Nuts

    Never heard of it... now must look.
  8. csumt76

    2020 GTI mk8

    I agree, you can always go to the ROW websites and look at them. I'm a fan of the digital dashes etc, but some of the touch controls are a bit too much. Imagine having a 75 yr old guy trying to use a touch sensitive controller in a S class. They already hated it because there were too many...
  9. csumt76

    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Same I've been free for a while now. Former book facer
  10. csumt76

    LOL, Only in Florida

    Lol I mean if they have the dog alert to it they're probably going to find it. Or destroy your car in the process...
  11. csumt76

    2020 Sonata gets some cool tech

    "It's still a Hyundai/Kia" bump... I recently saw the SmawtPawk ad and noticed that the 2020 had arrived at the local dealer near me. I was bored and creeped through the parking lot to check it out. It's not a terrible looking car... As usual the base model with the lower spec wheels isn't so...
  12. csumt76

    Flat Rate Secret Santa 2019

    Nothing for you guys still?
  13. csumt76

    2020 MotoGP

    Saw that this morning. Fabio has been quicker already IMO. I don't think Rossi will try to continue unless he can rack up a few wins this year. Vinalez seemed very promising his first year...
  14. csumt76

    Consumer Cellular

    I've had ATT forever and within the last couple years I switched to a plan that was also unlimited and cheaper. Paying like 74/month but I also have a discount that a store employee placed on there probably in 2006ish. I used Sprint and Verizon prior to that...
  15. csumt76

    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    Jimmy's food store has the Italian goods/deli here. Just wish they had some buffalo mozzarella the size of a football.
  16. csumt76

    Off Topic Random Chat v5.8 - Memes and Gifs Welcomed

    I've only had one with whiz on it and wasn't really a fan. Granted, this was a transplant that was making cheese steaks out of a donut shop in Dallas. I felt like it was pretty "authentic" tho... haha
  17. csumt76

    Flat Rate Secret Santa 2019

    Shout out @anotero for the G oil funnel and red vw valve stem caps(already installed)! Recently changed the oils but will definitely use it next time.