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    Crisis Mode

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    Early Retirement Investing: Ditch my 2018 Golf R?

    Your current age, and age at planned early retirement is necessary to know in order to have an informed discussion here.
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    I did find the exhaust note very interesting!
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    Why just the link though? Maybe keep generic shares like this to Facebook? Or start an actual discussion?
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    What car does your partner drive?

    2016 Ford Focus ST
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    I like cheese

    Can't live without.
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    Which Focus is best Focus?

    ^ lol. GTIs aren't invincible to vape culture either.
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    Where's the, "Shakes Head in Disbelief" Emoticon?

    I like that The Fed didnt simply link the article. +1
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    Arteon AWD 0-60???

    Pretty sure you can buy them in Canada now too.
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    Ford Doubles Down on SUVs/Trucks

    Ah I see it now. Didn't notice the tiny link the first time reading the OP. (Viewing on my phone)
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    Ford Doubles Down on SUVs/Trucks

    Definitely not true! And according to which? Where is the source?
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    Gremlin Lovers Only

    Why so many posts with just links? Are you making money some how by doing this? Can I get in on this side hustle too?
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    Volvo V60 Seats

    Save the wagens Save the manuals
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    Volkswagen AG Balll Cap

    LOL. Can't wear that to work
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    No spoiling. I haven't watched it yet.
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    Bought the wife a new ride

    I was just riding in a flex doing taxi duty. Driver said it has 530,000km on it and it was still the original engine, trans, starter, alternator and shocks. He said all he did was brakes, oil changes and wheel bearings. Needless to say, I was impressed!
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    best floor jack for the $$?

    Makes it easier actually. Maybe not with a puck though. But I just use a piece of old carpet instead as a form of protection for the pinch welds.