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    Haldex Gen 2 Switchable Controller

    Hello.. Wanting to by a Haldex Gen 2 Switchable controller and switch for my MK5 R32.. any recommendations of who to get one through?? Thanks Stefan
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    Were to go in melb for APR Tuned

    Hey Guys.... Going to get my 07 R32 ECU chipped, just after feed back on were is there anywhere else beside APR that they would recommend?? If APR which place has everyone gone too?? Thanks Stef
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    R32 replacement shocks

    Hey Guys.... Just wanting to get feed back regarding Brand and rating of after market shocks that everyone is using on there R32... Thanks
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    Hello.... just wondering how i can get in contact with BetaOp9 i notice he has been banned. I placed an order for some led's just wondering how long they will be. I have contacted him via his performanceleds website but no reply.... Thanks Stef
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    RCD 510 Firmware Update??

    Hey Guys... Just got a question to ask a few years ago i bought a RCD 510 off ebay, is possible to up date the firmware in the unit?? With New features etc or is that not possible?? Thanks Stef
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    Knock noise!

    Hey guys!! I fitted all 3 VWR engine to my 07 R32 Manual recently and have developed a Knock noise at low speed when turning, also say your in first gear and your on and off the throttle. I have read a few threads on the sub frame issue, see you have to remove the sub frame to replace the bush...
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    VWR Eng & Trans Fast mounts...

    Hi Guys, Just after everyones opinions on the VWR Eng & Trans fast mounts...Are they worth the money for a everyday car?? Noise, vibration are they a factor?? I have got a price and an opinion of Ian from Rennehaus which is helping my decision to purchase them... :) Cheers Stef
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    VW R32 Exhaust recomendations!!

    Hi Guys, Short and sweet!! Just wondering if any R32 owners have changed there exhaust system & which system would they recommended.... Options Volkswagen Racing Remus Cheers Stef
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    The Volkswagen assembly plant

    This is why VW are built to last!!
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    Dunlop SP Sport Maxx weird inner edge tyre wear...

    This is Side Note to 225/40 R18 Tyre thread i posted the other day...... I have noticed that the tyres on the right hand side only have weird inside edge tyre wear. The tyres have worn the inner edge bad on one half of the rolling circumference of the tyre....i hope this make sense... I got a...
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    225/40R 18 Tyres Recommendations.....

    Hi Guys, It looks like i'm requiring some tyres for my 07 R32 225/40R 18, i've had a browse through some of people's threads regarding tyres but they have mainly been for GTi's. Was wondering what R32 owners have found to be good tyres... Cheers Stefan
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    Volkswagen Alloy Wheel Center Cap

    Hi Guys, I'm just wanting to get an idea of how many of you have had too replace the center cap on your alloy wheels? I've had to replace 3 in 20,000kms on my R32 which mite not sound many but it really shouldn't happen. My local VW dealer parts interpreter told me one customer has...
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    Anyone Interested??

    Hi Guys, This has nothing to do with Volkswagen's but I've been racing go-karts for a year & half at club level & I'm in the process of purchasing a brand new Arrow go-kart for the up coming season. My plan is to attempt to attend all rounds of the Golden Power Series & a few other...
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    2009 Mt Buller Sprint

    Went to the final day of the Mt Buller sprint today, great weather got a bit sun burnt. The guys from VolksPower in the 2005 GTi finish 24th overall is link Great effort considering the machinery that entered. Cheers Stef :thumbsup:
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    RCD 510 Change over

    Hello people's, Add a RDO today as i wanted to put my new RCD 510 head unit in my 07 VW R32. Well what a journey, i started off by pulling the dash apart. I eventually worked out to pull the center dash vent controls out, & in doing so a screw fell down inside the dash. A few...
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    CAN bus Gateway Location

    Hi Guys, I'm hoping someone mite be able to help me, I have a 07 R32 and have got a RCD 510 MP3 unit on the way. I'm trying to find where the CAN bus Gateway is located in my car. I've done a bit hunting around the car but i can't locate it. I've read threads from other forums which...
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    Budget Direct Car Insurance

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if any of the forum members have had dealings or have a insurance policy with Budget Direct? I'm looking at insurance for a 04 Holden Wagon and budget are the cheapest by far. So i'm doing a little research to see if they are good to deal with. Thanks for...
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    Single or Dual 512mb NVIDIA GeFORCE 9800 GT

    Hi Guys, I know this is not a Golf question but i thought i see what some the thought where!! I'm looking at purchasing a new computer from Dell, i sure there are people who have bad experiences with them. I've been informed by my Comp tech the they are good valve for money. So any rate i have...
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    Volkswagn 2009 Dakar Winners

    Volkswagen has won the 2009 Dakar Rally with a 1-2 finish!!! With Giniel de Villiers and Co-Driver Dirk von Zitzewitz first & Mark Miller & Co-DriverRalph Pitchford Second in a Volkswagen Race Touareg People who are not familar with the Dakar, it started in 1979 its a gruelling rally that is...
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    Put these little beautys on today!!

    Hi Guys, This is a branch out of the following thread - Finally got around too getting these made for me car, put them on after a detail! Cheers Stef :thumbsup: