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    Lion Learns to Open Car Door
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    Top Foods to Avoid with High Blood Pressure
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    Anybody Know Darcness?

    I sent him some tail lights to get worked on a while back and he hasn't replied to any of my PMs. I understand he's a busy guy and he's got a lot on his plate but not even a "Hey I got your package, it's gonna take a while" message? Anybody know him personally? He seemed like a pretty stand up...
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    Raced a 5.0 (fu fu lame new one)

    It varies. A typical dog would be a 1:0.2109 conversion. My dogs a professional.
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    Attn: Jordan & Sterling
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    Have You Ever...

    Had a wet fart that kinda feels like a little came out? Terrifying, isn't it?
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    A Photoshoot with Friends and a Suprise

    Last night, my friends and I went out to do a late night shoot. We happened to run into Richard Thompson shooting a couple of Mercedes for the MB Shoot out. He was kind enough to let us shoot some pics of the beautiful SLS AMG. IMG_6759 by b.han, on Flickr IMG_6738 by b.han, on Flickr...
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    FS: OEM MB C63 AMG Wheels w/ Tires

    Posting these for a friend. Original Posting Here: Specs: Front: 18x8 +45 Rear: 18x8 + 54 Rear Comes with 235 and 255 Hankook RS3s with 60-70% Left and TPMS. One small curb rash (pictured below), otherwise wheels...
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    Strange Hatch Sensor Issue

    I've been experiencing this strange hatch sensor issue. I did some searching around and according to JetTurbo, the sensor that's responsible for telling the car whether or not the hatch is open is linked to the hatch light. However, When I pop the hatch open, the light comes on but the car...
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    Socal Euro 2013 Picture Thread

    I was lazy, didn't get many pics. :frown: IMG_6679 by b.han, on Flickr IMG_6682 by b.han, on Flickr IMG_6693 by b.han, on Flickr IMG_6696 by b.han, on Flickr IMG_6678 by b.han, on Flickr IMG_6684 by b.han, on Flickr
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    Had Cake Today

    It was delicious.
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    It's been a while since I've taken pics of my car. Washed it yesterday, got home before the sun went down so I figure, hell why not? Some Max W inspired sun flare action. IMG_8979 by b.han, on Flickr IMG_9148 by b.han, on Flickr Spooky IMG_9112 by b.han, on Flickr Watching the sun set...
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    Aftermarket Steering Wheel Control Reliability

    I've had the Connects2 unit installed for almost a year now and it's been great but lately it's been acting up. Skip forward goes backwards, source change has become the mute and this morning the volume up is turning the volume down. I know it's not the steering wheel acting up because it works...
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    Any Wet Shavers?

    I recently got into wet shaving and I'm loving it. I still need lots of practice but it's definitely a much better shave with less irritation. Anyone else on here doing the old school shave thing? Here's my setup. 16-The Old Fashion Way by bhanphotography, on Flickr
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    Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas

    Enjoy. :smile: C&C welcomed. :thumbsup: IMG_6032 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_6038 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_5909 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_5890 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_5895 by bhanphotography, on Flickr
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    fancy by bhanphotography, on Flickr
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    Shooting at a Connecticut Elementary School

    27 dead 18 of them were kids. :frown:
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    2012 SoCal Euro Pics Thread

    :happyanim: IMG_3439 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_3437 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_3417 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_3458 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_3457 by bhanphotography, on Flickr IMG_3413 by bhanphotography, on Flickr More to come!
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    Initial D Fifth Stage

    IT'S OUT!!!! :happyanim::happyanim::happyanim: 9U6a9m6mzU4
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    The Newsroom

    I've been following this show and I absolutely love it. 55SEO9Cn9rs