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  1. jrbrownie00

    FS: BSH CAI for 2.5l

    Whats up guys? Used to be very active on here, sold my car and have some parts left over. BSH Cold Air Intake. This does not throw the CEL which was always important to me. Filter is dirty but should clean up well. Looks like the go for about $260 new so how about $150 shipped? I just...
  2. jrbrownie00

    82' Kawasaki KZ750 brat/cafe build

    So I was an avid member of these forums for quite a while and while I still peruse I'm really not into the car scene like I used to be. This is what been holding my interest these days... an 82 Kawasaki KZ750 LTD. I bought the bike looking like this for $540 from a friend of a friend who had...
  3. jrbrownie00

    FS: Staggered Chrome CLS Wheels w/ New Tires

    UPDATED PRICE $465 for 4 wheels and 2 brand new tires (205/45/17 mounted). If someone wants just the wheels I would gladly tie the other 2 tires off, send me a offer. These need to go. Specs: Chrome Merc. CLS 17x7.5 w/ 205/45 17x8.5 w/ no tires. Not sure of the ETA, I'd have to look. A...
  4. jrbrownie00

    Fs: 18 x8.5 et42 bbs rsii se ma

    Thinking about selling my gems to fund other hobbies. Not rare but not a common wheel especially in chrome. Have 205/40 nankang nsII with around 4000 miles on them. No rash at all and I can provide more detailed pics when I get a chance. Hidden valve stems and I have the adapter. **PRICE...
  5. jrbrownie00

    FS: OEM GTI Skirts $100 in MA

    On my car now, will be off within the next few days. I would trade for 2.5l parts or gti plaids (probably no shot) and cash if needed
  6. jrbrownie00

    FS: TR Votex Rep Skirts $120

    Skirts could use a repaint and repair but you could rock them as is if you wanted. Has a crack on one edge and are NOT dubtechnic skirts so they fit pretty good. $120 obo, I have no problem shipping either.
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  8. jrbrownie00

    TEXON Yellow H3 Overstock on Amazon $12.99 These bulbs are supposed to compare well to the Nokya and PIAA version. Figured I'd give everyone a heads up, there $12.99 and free shipping. edit: H7 not H3, typo.
  9. jrbrownie00

    jrbrownie00 timeline thread

    I've really been missing spring/summer and the way my car looks right now is a total bummer. Figured I'd follow the herd and come up with a timeline of my car. Brought it home in March of 08' with 19kon the clock for only $10,500 (steal). Really high but awesome to drive at this height...
  10. jrbrownie00

    Chromosexual Tendencies

    This will be my last mod of the year (chrome mirror caps) so I figured I would post. Give me your opinion... I like them but not completely sold.
  11. jrbrownie00

    Sittin' on chrome...

    ...Just got paid. Anyone know Masta Ace? Anyway got some 18x8.5 et 40 BBS RSII in Chrome wrapped in Nankang 205/40's (which really aren't bad IMO) And I really like this one for some reason.
  12. jrbrownie00

    WTB: In-Pro Chrome Mirror Caps

    Anyone before I buy new?
  13. jrbrownie00

    How is the ride / durability on a 215/35/18?

    Not a newb question by any means. Not looking for fitment help and I'm not afraid of stretch but I am looking for some opinions on how the ride and durability of such a low profile tire is. I have acquired some nice wheels (IMO anyway) and don't want to run the risk of popping a tire or...
  14. jrbrownie00

    WTB: Used Porter Cable or equivelant

    Looking to start doing some detailing on my car and dont want to drop the 120 on a new one if i dont have to. anything out there?
  15. jrbrownie00

    Car got egged...chips in paint, help please.

    Ya people still do that apparently. It has left paint chips in a circular pattern everywhere an egg hit (5 spots). What should I do? I think im going to put through a claim because IMO the damage is going to be unrepairable. :mad0259: can see where it got keyed (seperate time) and 2 eggs...
  16. jrbrownie00

    Need for Speed: Shift 2

    Anyone else have it? I just grabbed it tonight and I love it. I played the first one and this ones tops that.
  17. jrbrownie00

    Help Needed...Fogs won't turn on through relay to factory switch

    So everything is wired up through a STSP relay and works with a seperate switch but can't get it to work by hooking up the trigger wire to a factory switch with fog option (pin 5). Has anyone else run into this problem? I don't have the OEM Trigger wire like the DIY suggests but I can't imagine...
  18. jrbrownie00

    VF Engineering CAI w/ MAF insert for 2.5l

    Like the title says. VF Engineering Cold Air Intake w/ MAF insert and 2 filters (one original, one brand new aftermarket) Looking for $180 shipped with everything included (heat shield is included just not shown)