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  1. VancouverGTI

    Official Canada FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread #2

    Brand new in box, VW OEM storage tray, only taken out to test fit, and is in mint condition. $100 or no offer. GVRD only; will not ship. In original packaging: The underside, to show the textured adhesive inserts (taped in place from factory) that go in the bottom of each segment to keep...
  2. VancouverGTI

    Official Canada FS/FT/WTB/WTT Thread #2

    Pictures of the storage tray, as promised (albeit late). Again, part is new in box, only taken out to test fit, and is in mint condition. $100 or no offer. GVRD only; will not ship. In original packaging: The underside, to show the textured adhesive inserts (taped in place from factory) that...
  3. VancouverGTI

    EPA considering lowering ethanol content An interesting about-face. Personally, I like your ethanol enriched fuel, as it's much better than B.C.'s crappy gas. I've always thought the idea of trading food stock for fuel...
  4. VancouverGTI

    $5 device opening locked cars So, what do we know about this? Does it affect us, and if so, would disabling the remote in VAG-COM solve the issue? This could change everything where keyless entry is concerned. :mad:
  5. VancouverGTI

    R8 coil packs - better or worse than stock?

    Blew my first coil pack last night on the way home from work. Limped it into the dealership and they verified that it was a bad coil pack, which isn't covered by my powertrain warranty. So, given that it was on my dime, I had them install the R8 coil packs instead; part number 06E-905-115-E...
  6. VancouverGTI

    REVO S4 vs. Stock RS4

    The beauty of a good forced-injection tune... 2KfMY96v_Gc
  7. VancouverGTI

    Alzor 349's vs. VMR V710's

    Alzor Style 349's Saw these in my inbox today, and for the price, well... wow. Anyone in the know capable of telling me why the Alzor's are half the price of a V710? No disrespect intended towards VMR at all! I just can't get past the price difference here.
  8. VancouverGTI

    VW is Anti-Gun

    xatnys, you're either not reading your own posts, or you're being obtuse; I'm not sure which, but it's getting harder to give you the benefit of the doubt. It's abundantly clear that I'm challenging your "violent crime" figure, and not the homicide rate, but you're suggesting I'm the one...
  9. VancouverGTI

    Dear vendors; please make this boost gauge

    Well, now you have... This isn't my picture, but it's exactly what my gauge looks like, too. The minute you have a logo on something, you can't possibly say it looks OEM; the illusion is shattered before it had a chance to form. And all of the brand examples you gave were perfectly...
  10. VancouverGTI

    bilstein hd vs sport

    That's a pretty gorgeous setup, actually; I like! It's also a bit lower than my DGs, which are MkV Auto 2D on a MkV Auto 2D. You've got me thinking now, as I don't think I'd want to go any lower, given our local roads. Maybe I should get the B6s after all? Just how much can the struts and...
  11. VancouverGTI

    Replacing only one strut?

    My `09 is at the dealer for its 60,000km service, and its bumper-to-bumper warranty expires within a week. I've been complaining of a click when maneuvering at parking lot speeds, and turning the wheel to full lock. They've identified a leaking strut, and replaced just the one under warranty...
  12. VancouverGTI

    BlaineWasHere's FR-S Build Thread!

    Well dude, I'll try not to harsh your buzz too much. A bartender girlfriend would be a terrible thing to waste! But seriously... you took my comment, and put it underneath something other than what I was commenting on. That's the very definition of the phrase, "out of context", so... By your...
  13. VancouverGTI

    Something Burgundy

    What's not to love?
  14. VancouverGTI

    question regarding oil weight and rating

    Ok, I'll follow your lead here and try to make this more civil. Here, we'll have to agree to disagree, I guess. You say this is Volkswagen's recommendation, and I say that's simply not correct. The oil you've linked is simply one of the many oils Castrol makes, which is appropriate for some...
  15. VancouverGTI

    APR tune; great on U.S. gas, not so much on Canadian gas

    So, in the three years I've had my car, I've had a few opportunities to run U.S. gas, both on Stage 1 and Stage 2. In either case, the car runs noticeably harder, yet smoother on U.S. gas. Interestingly, the transmission also shifts much smoother on U.S. gas. On Canadian gas, power delivery...
  16. VancouverGTI

    Exhaust smell in cabin; APR DP with cat

    This winter I've been smelling exhaust in the cabin, and a co-worker I recently gave a ride to made the same observation right away. Very obvious when idling in traffic, but not an issue when the car is mostly in motion. I had the shop that installed my APR downpipe double-check everything, and...
  17. VancouverGTI

    Going from 17" Denvers to 18" Huffs

    It definitely looks better! :thumbsup: My car came with Denvers new, which was the only part of the car's spec that I didn't want. The dealership sold me some take-off Huffs, along with the Driver Gear springs, and I never looked back: Before After As suggested above, maybe keep the...
  18. VancouverGTI

    which air intake?

    Dude, seriously... you call that extensive research? Your search-fu is weak. I hate to break it to you, but you've managed to step over piles of evidence to the contrary. For goodness sake, look at any of the MkV cars that are breaking records on the 1/4 mile, and tell me how many are running a...