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  1. 707Stang

    Accessory drive pulley alignment pics

    Good evening all, in the on going saga of determining what the hell is causing my belts to wear down I may have narrowed it down to my crank pulley being too recessed into the crank case. I had the front crank seal replaced a while back and I’m now on my 3rd belt. I just want to confirm my...
  2. 707Stang

    Feeler: FS CW 2008 R32 with ~117k

    So... yea. I’ve been rolling around the idea of selling the R32 for a while now and I’m trying to gauge interest in it. Currently it’s at IPB in Sacramento getting the chains looked at, and I heard back that the chain values are within spec. While in my ownership as of 08/01/2015 I have...
  3. 707Stang

    Wtb: one (1) clean Detroit wheel near Denver

    Let me know what you’ve got! Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. 707Stang

    Denver area: free fog light bra

    Anyone in the Denver area need/want a bra for their fog lights? The kit I got recently, included it, I don’t need them with the R. They are 3M brand 6mil thickness. Free to a good home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 707Stang

    225/40/18 pzero neros

    Hey guys I’ve got some tires for sale in Norcal, $180 obo, emphasis on obo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 707Stang

    Tune with CAT mil disable

    Hey guys, so due to some repairs I had to have my ECM updated which meant wiping my tune that apparently I had on there. Problem is I have no idea which one it was. All I know is the mil for the CAT was disabled. Do you guys know of a tune that does that? I tried getting some info from UM but...
  7. 707Stang


    Hey folks so during some diag for a harsh 5-6 upshift we had to do a software update. Apparently the cat monitors are set to narrow and you will get the cat faults. But fear not! For there is a fix. Figured I’d share since an hour of labor beats a Cat any day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. 707Stang

    HID headlight housings

    Just replaced my headlights and these are up for grabs, I'm asking 250 obo. Emphasis on obo. Just had them polished up nice about 18 months ago. Tabs are busted off. Do not include, bulbs, ballasts or modules. Quikie pic from this morning . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. 707Stang

    Flex pipe

    So I have a sneaking suspicion my flex pipe may be leaking. When it's cold it has a poof sound, kinda like an old Mississippi steam boat or steam powered train. I have never experienced issues with this before I was wondering if that's what's going on I took a video but haven't figured out how...
  10. 707Stang


    Hey folks! Well my brakes are getting to that point that I will need to replace them soon. I drive over 300 miles a week and I'm at 6mm on the pads so I have 2-3 mm left. I was looking at replacing all with tarox since 600 an axle for pads and rotors isn't outlandishly expensive. I was wondering...
  11. 707Stang

    Center vent rattles

    So, this weekend after almost 2 years of incessant rattles and other annoyances from my dash I got around to digging into it. First I found my Sunload sensor connector tabs were busted off☹️. Then I found that two of the 3 screws that hold the upper vent in place were missing. Then I found that...
  12. 707Stang

    repeated fuel level sender faults

    Good evening! Has anyone had multiple fuel level sender issues? I had both replaced last year due to no fuel showing on the IP and I had just filled up, no low fuel warning no mil, nothing. just a needle stuck on 0. This Friday it did it again, VWOA is being awesome btw since the part failed...
  13. 707Stang

    Niello Ranch Run 2017

    Who is going this year? I have called and verified it is on for May, just waiting on the date.... I, for one, am super stoked.
  14. 707Stang

    WTB: Black Karthoums/ Detroits

    Yup, looking for a CLEAN set of wheels, no kerb rash or bends or none of that nonsense. I bought my car with two sets of wheels that were both used as kerb feelers and i'm tired of looking at the damage. I have time to wait so no rush! LMK what you have and price, of course! I should stress...
  15. 707Stang

    Animal Adoption

    Hey guys, Last Friday I came upon a really bad deal for an unfortunate pitbull. As i went on my break i came out and saw this guy beating on this poor dog time and again and long story short he was picked up by SDAC after a call to 911 and he is in the Gaines Avenue shelter in San Diego. If...
  16. 707Stang

    Grey couch

    Yup, i have a grey microfiber couch that is about 6 months old, we are moving and really do not want to take it with us. it's been scotchguarded and cleaned regularly. LOCAL only. in san diego county. price is 200 obo. pm for pics!
  17. 707Stang

    Moving sale

    Hey guys, moving again. Found some more goodies. As usual, BNIB unless otherwise listed. Make me a reasonable offer and they are yours. i really dont want to take these back north. I have: 8 airbag trim covers that go on the headliner/pillars 1K5853437 Y20 4 BPY factory spark plugs...
  18. 707Stang

    Fuel Filter

    Hey guys, I know this may be old news or whatever for some of you. This weekend i had some work done to my car and i found out about a week ago that these things have fuel filters externally mounted (duh, right?) that i never knew about. Anywho, got the fuel filter and oil change done with...
  19. 707Stang

    Rev Hang?

    So here's an interesting situation, to me anyways, the other day as i was leaving work i had the be a little aggressive to get through an intersection and so i had to give my car the beans. I was in Sport and long story short at 3/4 throttle the car didnt shift up, it actually hung out past...
  20. 707Stang

    Whiteline LCA bushings

    Good morning all!! So the front LCA bushings are bout to call it quits on my .:R and i was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or experience with ...