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  1. Sumfuncomet

    Moving from NY to NC any advice?

    DONT wear a Yankees hat or jacket! Say please and thank you. Say goodbye before you hang up on a phone conversation. Be respectful of elders.......generally just slow down, be polite, have conversations when people engage you in them, shop local stores and restaurants. If you are a religious...
  2. Sumfuncomet

    2020 Sonata gets some cool tech

    I think there are a bunch of people who really don't want a bunch of tech, prefer a base model car from a manufacturer that isn't in that part of the world. There are always going to be manufacturers who build to a cheap price point. The used car dealers love these Kleenex cars because they are...
  3. Sumfuncomet

    2020 Sonata gets some cool tech

    Who the hell cares??
  4. Sumfuncomet

    Love working in the Ukraine!

    Love working in the Ukraine!
  5. Sumfuncomet

    Super rare Blackout Edition

    I like it, is it cheaper than a standard model???
  6. Sumfuncomet

    Old guy 72, still loving fast cars!

    Old guy 72, still loving fast cars!
  7. Sumfuncomet

    NFS in real life

  8. Sumfuncomet

    Animals on the road

    Moose, big ones! 1100-1300 pounds. They move around from dusk to dawn. People actually drive into them hitting their legs, the body comes through the windshield.....people killed every single year. I came inches from one on a motorcycle at night,mi just didn't see it, they are dark and don't...
  9. Sumfuncomet

    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Ronin, Robert ever Audi S8 chase footage After Life, Ricky Gervais......funny as hell!
  10. Sumfuncomet

    What's the dumbest thing you've ever done?

    31 years in the military, 15 years with a defense contractor, three wives. I put country and duty first, neglected my family. In the end the military industrial complex is a cold bitch and feeds on bodies, doesn't care about your soul. At 71 I have made peace with that, btw I spend a lot of my...
  11. Sumfuncomet

    Hot Benz Hatch.

    I actually like the dash....but it seems like no one has really improved on the big tach, big speedo look that you see on Porsche cars. I like the gauge package in my Alltrack. test drove a 2017 S550 the other day, now there is a funky flatscreen looking dash! Wave of the future I guess, TFT...
  12. Sumfuncomet

    2020 Kia Soul?

    Uggghhhhh! Are you a secretary?
  13. Sumfuncomet

    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad joke thread

    A gay guy goes to his doctor for his annual wellness check up. Doc says he loooks fine and does he have any questions. Gay guy says I would love to have luxurious chest hairs like my partner. Doc says, no problem. Just rub Vaseline in your chest at night before you go to sleep. Gay guy says...
  14. Sumfuncomet

    Early Retirement Investing: Ditch my 2018 Golf R?

    Absolutely no new car is an "investment". They will continue to depreciate to a certain level. If you got rid of it now you would take a huge hit on depreciation. My advice, keep it, don't spend a nickel on any mods. Keep saving. At my age, 71, military pension, SS and real estate buying and...
  15. Sumfuncomet

    What is your occupation?

    What did I do Retired military, DOD contractor, currently security consultant for private residence and corporate personal security
  16. Sumfuncomet

    Ranger Velociraptor.

    Ranger is a poser,,at least the Subaru will be fun on the street. How many of those "off road" Rangers will ever leave the asphalt?
  17. Sumfuncomet

    Texas Man Caught Using Plate Flipper

    What an outlaw! There are some real badasses in Texas!!!
  18. Sumfuncomet

    Texas Man Caught Using Plate Flipper

    What an outlaw!!!!!!
  19. Sumfuncomet

    What is your occupation?

    Retired military, security consultant
  20. Sumfuncomet

    What is your occupation?

    Retired military, security consultant