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  1. MKVail

    WTB Chrome VW Grill Emblem

    Anyone have an extra one laying around? PM me. Thanks!
  2. MKVail

    FS: Neuspeed Race Springs $100 + Shipping

    SOLD>SOLD>SOLD. For Sale: Neuspeed Race Springs. About 1.8" of drop. Used for less than 10,000 miles. $100 plus shipping. I will drive them to someone local to Denver. Pics to come.
  3. MKVail

    FEELER: Eurosport Catback Exhaust $300 + Shipping

    I'm thinking about parting out the car, if you are interested, I will pull this off ASAP. $300 + shipping. It has been on the car for about 5K miles. The car is not driven in the winter. It comes in 3 pieces. 2.5" mandrel bent stainless tubing. IM me if you're serious.
  4. MKVail

    Huffs and Spacers

    Anyone running Huffs with spacers? If so, what size spacer and tire? Any help is appreciated.
  5. MKVail

    FS: Konig Runaways 18" $400

    18x8 et 46. Shadow Black. Great condition. A couple of small rock chips, but no curbage. Super light, would make a great set of autox wheels or winter set up. $400 plus shipping, obo.
  6. MKVail

    Cat related CEL

    When you guys get a cat related CEL, does the coding look like this on VAG-COM? Any help is appreciated. BTW, the Eurosport Cat does not prevent a CEL, for the record. Thursday,04,September,2008,21:20:07:37937 VCDS Version: Release 805.0 Address 01: Engine Control Module...
  7. MKVail

    VAG-COM DRL Question

    I've been running without DRL for a little while, and went to re-code to turn them on again and the coding gets accepted, but the lights won't turn on. The lights and fogs turn on via switch, but no DRL. I checked Byte 0, Bit 4. DRL brightness is at 80. The only error I'm getting is for the...
  8. MKVail

    Feeler: WTT My TR Side Mirror Covers for Your BMP.

    Anyone want to trade Tornado Red Side Mirrors for BMP ones? Let me know.
  9. MKVail

    New Rollers

    What do you all think? Mercedes Wheels from 2008 S-Class. Very similar to Audi Fat Fives. 18x8.5 et44 Sorry for the crappy pictures.
  10. MKVail

    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit

    Here are pics of the springs. The numbers on the springs: F: 200261/1591,001 R: 210755/85100,002
  11. MKVail

    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit

    Here's a pic.
  12. MKVail

    FS: Eibach Pro-Kit

    $150 Shipped. I had them on the car for about 500 miles. They are in excellent condition. Moved on to coilovers.
  13. MKVail

    Rattle behind glove box

    I've got this rattle behind the glove box, possibly from the engine bay somewhere. It is only there when at idle, give it a little gas and it goes away. Anyone experience this? I thought I may have read somewhere that it may be related to the CAI I installed? Any help is appreciated.
  14. MKVail

    Bumpstops on DG Springs

    I just got the DG springs installed on my GTI. Were they suppossed to come with new bumpstops? The reason I ask is that it seems that the back is still where they were before the install and there seems to be a good bit of rake to the car. Maybe it only dropped .5" in the back. The front...
  15. MKVail

    FS: H&R OE Sport Springs

    Brand new, never installed. Decided to go with DG sports. $175 Shipped.
  16. MKVail

    Anyone in CO with VAG COM?

    What's up everyone. Does onyone in Denver area or up in the mountains have the VAG COM? I am going to get some new wheels and will need to reset TPMS. Any help is appreciated.