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    P0171 Code

    Thanks for the link.. I'll take a look and see.
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    CEL P0171 Please help

    Would you mind telling me how you cleaned the MAF sensor ? Having same problem , no visible hose problems and car runs fine. But keep getting this pesky code.
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    Diagnosing P0171

    Wonder if you could explain how you used propane to find the leak. I recently have gotten a P0171 and I see no visible signs of hose issues. Thx
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    P0171 Code

    So I checked the hoses they all look fine. Any other suggestions ?
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    P0171 Code

    Thanks will do...
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    P0171 Code

    Recently my GTI MKV has been throwing P0171.. I've cleared it several times and still reporting the code within a day or 2 ( although it recently too a week break and went away by itself) I looked it up and it says system too lean. Googling that mentions symptoms like rough idle , knocking and...
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    Rear 12 V DC stopped working

    Thanks I took a look. Since that covers them all it couldn't be the fuse. Turned out to be a loose connection.
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    Rear 12 V DC stopped working

    2006 GTI MKV ... My rear 12 V DC stopped working. Assuming it's some fuse .. Does anyone have any words of wisdom which fuse might be the culprit and how to access them ? Thx
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    Source for Headlights

    My 2006 GTI's headlights have dropped. Shop says I need new. Anyone have a good source for them ? Shop wants 435 a piece... Was hoping to find something cheaper. Any ideas would be awesome !!! Thx
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    GTI 2006 Headlights stuck down

    Seems the headlight cycling on my 06 GTI has stopped working and the lights are low( not great for night driving ). I read about having the vag code cleared and codes checked in general, so I went to local shop. They kept cycling and you could hear the motor engaging and trying to rise to no...
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    Steering Button decals ?

    First this forum rocks I've been reading on it for years... So the other day I noticed the station up button was now all white , missing it's decal( I'm not sure that's the right name for it ) that when illuminated used to glow up arrow. Not sure how it fell off or where it disappeared to, but...