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    Vs. Supercharged 2004 Tiburon

    My buddy just recently traded his GSX, for a mint condition Canadian Imported Tuscany with a stage 1 supercharger kit on it. It's a pretty nice car. Anyways to the good shit. We went down a local highway from a 25 roll in second gear. I let him pick the race so he could get the maximum...
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    Vs. Cobalt SS/SC

    Me and a buddy i haven't seen in a while decided to go at it real quick. My mods: Stock His Mods: GM Stage II hardware, but the wrong flash or something, i think he's still running Stage I flash. He kinda caught me off guard, i was taking a friend home at the time and he comes flying up...
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    Holy Shit!

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    vs. mid 90's honduh

    Just coming home from class sitting at a light minding my own business, when this punk kid in some white honda rolls up to the light and starts revving. He's got the classic fart can hanging off the back and to make it worse he's in an automatic. At the light i take off and just leave him in the...
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    Vs. BMW 330

    On the way home from work the other night, i was just crusin with the CC on and i see some HID's coming up behind me pretty quickly so i pop off the CC and wait for him to come by so i can see what it is. From what i could see being at night it was def a latest gen 3 series. I couldn't really...
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    Lots of High End Audio Equipment

    Sorry guys i really wanted to keep all this stuff in one post and since all the classifieds are split up i didn't want to make 5 different posts and forget about them. So if i could, could i keep this all in one post? Thanks Anyways down to business. My friend used to be an installer of...
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    Any UG/dark colored GTI on I-71 North in ohio?

    It was at night but it look like a United Grey GTI. I was the guy in the A3 trying to catch you, eventually catching you, then getting beat to 135 by you. Fun times! :drinking:
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    vs. 95 5.0 Mustang

    My friend and I after work decided to do a little bit of highway racing. He was in his 1995 Mustang GT, last model year for the 5.0 and he has intake and exhaust as his only mods. He's also in an automatic. I was in my stock 06 A3 2.0 TM. We started at 60 mph and went up to 100mph on the highway...
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    Sharper Image Friends and Family Discount!

    Hi All! I'm browse these forums all the time so i decided it's time for me to give a little back if possible. Our RM's sent out coupons to all the associates at sharper image to pass these on to their friends. Well since all of you guys are my friends here ya go! Now the coupon is only good...