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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Top Boy on Netflix is very good and a pretty quick watch.
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    Strafe Design Shipment Missing....Strafe or USPS Issue?

    Seems to be a common theme with Strafe from what I saw online doing some research about them. Much like ED, it appears to be a one man show and his customer service could use some brushing up. All in all people eventually get what they order and tend to be happy. Strafe is big in the subie world...
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    VW drug mule

    I believe you just go to Byte 10 in the electronics long programming and activate, “Hide yo shit son!”
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    VW drug mule Remember when people were mind blown to find a little umbrella holder in the door?
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    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad joke thread

    What is it called when one cow spies on another? A steak out. Ya know, I used to be addicted to the hokey pokey but then I turned myself around.
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    Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad joke thread

    What do you call fish with no Eyes? A fshhhhhh. What does a mermaid wear to math class? An algae-bra. Why do sharks live in salt water? Pepper water makes em sneeze. What sort of bees make milk? Boo-bees.
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    Cigar Smokers

    I am really digging Camacho lately. Their Connecticut’s with the orange wrapper are very good.
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    Some of These Car Features Go Too Far

    First thing I did was figure out running off certain tips via vagcom. I got tired of the windows one constantly popping up real quick.
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    Cant take it anymore. Thinking of selling my GTI

    I hit mine daily with a quick detailer and it definitely helps keep things shiny. Doesn't take all that long just obviously a little more upkeep. Provided I also work from home 4 days a week so I have the time to do it.
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    Should I buy the wife a Tiguan?

    My fiancé and I went with a Cx5 for her. We test drove every single crossover type vehicle on the market and the Cx5 blew everything out of the water truthfully. Slightly underpowered for its size in my opinion but it hides it well. Smoothest, most comfortable ride and best handling vehicle in...
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    Can anyone help me pick up a WinBook TW801 tablet?

    There's a micro center 20 mins from me, I leave for Denver bright and early tomorrow morning though. Sorry man.
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    from 370z to GTI/TSi?

    I'd say the PP is definitely worth the extra money whether you plan to track or not. If you plan on modding at all, you're going to starting off with a much more capable car from the get go. Think about it, you get the bigger brakes, slight power bump and the differential for what $2.5k? people...
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    Small SUV Recommendation

    Second this, Mazda has been doing things right for awhile now with their smaller SUVs. The gf and I test drove literally every small/suv/crossover in the market and the CX3 was awesome. Super small interior space though which lead us to the slightly larger CX5 for her. Planning for the future...
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    What car does your partner drive?

    Mazda CX-5. Love that thing as much as I love my GTI. Test drove every mid crossover on the market and none of them could touch the Mazda in our opinion.
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    Recommend me an oven?

    One the wife can use ;) My parents just got a new jennair (I believe that is the proper spelling) and they love it. My gf and I have builders grade GE built in, not sure of the model number or anything but the thing preheats faster than Jenna Jameson.
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    which watch do you wear?

    My girl just bought me this bad boy for my bday. Waiting for it to arrive rather impatiently. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    One car ONLY - past & present

    The SS is being cut out :( Past: Boss 409 Present: R8
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    which watch do you wear?

    Tag Heuer Formula 1 chrono