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    Has anyone ever had the Intake flap system on a BPY, create a vacuum leak?

    Has anyone ever had the Intake manifold flap system on a BPY, create a vacuum leak along the actuator arm/shaft?
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    odd fuel trims crop up on high mileage.

    so i have been throwing parts at my car for a few weeks now trying to correct my fuel trims. my idle trim is between -1.5 & -2.1 my partial trim is between +16 & +21, which is forcing the ecu to cut boost back. i have been on APR's stage 2+ for over 110000kms. vehicle mileage is almost...
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    I have bad luck with clutches... I need to be 'edumacated'

    So... some history on my car. Starting in 2009, I modded my car through Stage 1 and Stage 2+, I ran a South Bend/ DXD racing Stage 2 Endurance clutch, 'til I drove to work one day and a damping spring the disc popped out; That was about 2.5 - 3 years out of that clutch (Spring 2014). Pulled...
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    Well I think my Southbend clutch sh*t the bed.

    Yesterday, when I was backing into a parking stall at work, something caused my clutch to grab and not let go and nearly caused me to rear end the car behind me. AND then I can't press the clutch in. Based some of the post I have read, my current theory is a dampening spring fell out of the...
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    VW and Audi DSG Clutch Upgrade Kit

    Any one use this kit yet? OB4sKKOqqAQ
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    HVAC control not responding, and Rad fans on the entire time

    So, I on my drive from work, my HVAC stopped responding (controls were not illuminated) and my rad fans were full speed the entire drive. Has this happened to anyone else? I didn't get time to VAG-COM it, I was dropping the car off for comeback on a leaky water pump. I had no CEL's either.
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    Still plagued with a slight vacuum leak....

    Can my runner flaps be a source of a vacuum leak on my intake manifold? It is a slight leak because my partial fuel trims (Block 32-2) are 19-20%. I've blocked off the PCV port, checked and sealed the IAT sensor port.... are the any other emissions ports that I should try blocking off? Some...
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    Help Diagnosing Engine running rich

    Firstly, I have been trying to figure out why my car has been cutting power via N75. Secondly, I found that engine is running rich via Block 32-2 at ~18%, sometimes peaking 22%. Change the O2 sensor, still roughly the same values, and the old sensor was black. Changed plugs, no improvement. I...
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    What some of the symptoms of N276 failure?

    My car is running really weird. 123500kms and it runs like this -> click me APR pump was installed at 75000kms.
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    Looking for help: No boost. I have Logs

    Looking for help: No boost. I have Logs [RESOLVED?] So my car is not boosting again, and it seems to be doing it more often now that Edmonton is dipping into the single digits for temperature. I kept my laptop in my car this time, so i have a couple logs to post and an auto-scan. I just walk...
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    Is APR releasing an update for mk5 platform?

    The reason I am asking is 'cause I'm getting sick and tired of my car having to reset its timing and boost maps with each tank of gas. I believe the reason is the fuels around me have varying amounts of ethanol blended in up to a max of 10%, and the tune is not handling the changes very well...
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    RCD510 w/USB??

    Legit or some china hack build? Looking for a head unit on ebay.
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    B5 S4 12v VR6T project

    I decided to build something a little more race oriented. Hi-res pics on SKYDRIVE! <-- click here I picked up the S4 cheap with a blown motor. Too bad, it has K04s. Big order on the way from 034 Motorsport. Chatted with Precision Turbo. Looking at standalone ECU...
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    [APR software] Is my N75 failing or freezing, or something else?

    OK this year has been exceptionally cold this year, and there have been times when the car will not boost (~3-4psi) and other times it will hit Stage2+ power. I have not logged anything yet, because there is no consistency to this problem. No check engine light However, it does seem to be more...
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    MK6 auto climate control

    I have heated seats in my MK5. I have found that there a few different versions of the mk6 auto climate control, whether it is from a gti, tiguan, etc. Will any of them with heated seat control work, or am I looking for a specific revision/design? What is the part number for the trim that goes...
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    Help identifying

    One of the local shops is selling speciality head units. Just seeing if anyone can identify it
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    Red Neck EGO F*cked

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    APR Stage 2+ tune oddity...

    OK, this is odd in my mind but I am going to ask anyway. couple of weeks ago I was having stalling issues with my car, and alot of signs pointed to another faulty or dying MAF. Unfortunately, I was really busy with work and could not deal with it at the moment, so I disconnected the MAF and...
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    2.0TFSI sometimes stalls when I clutch in.

    [SOLVED] 2.0TFSI sometimes stalls when I clutch in. Lately, my gti has been stalling or close to stalling when I clutch in approaching a stop light. Trying to figure out some directions to investigate on. I have a VAGCOM too.