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  1. cmcm

    06 blk gti pkg 2 apr s2 manual for sale

    APR stage 2 with 3” downpipe exhaust system (stealth mode) H & R cup kit suspension kit Eibach low sway bar Carbonio Intake Forge Intercooler Forge Diverter Valve and BOV valve 18” TSW wheels (but 20K+ miles) Turbo boost gauge and Interior LED bulbs replacement B & M short shifter All remaining...
  2. cmcm

    Just received LED taillights

    Just want everyone to share, bought this onlined and will install them this weekend, I'll post the pictures with the lights on after installed.
  3. cmcm

    Oettinger Performance, 310hp & 316torgue

    Anyone read the latest May issue from R&T: they also said: Upgrades: Oettinger engine upgrade (includes Oettinger turbocharger, exhaust manifold, down pipes, exhaust system, intake system, carbon-fiber ram air...
  4. cmcm

    9006 light bulbs are on sale now!!!!!!!!

    Just ordered 2 pairs of RAZO 9006 for $26.99 each pair, very rare to see RAZO on sale. I will replace the fog lighting bulbs right away when they arrive, here's the link:
  5. cmcm

    H & R cup kit installed

    Finally H&R was installed, and share some thoughts with you guys. The ride is unbelievably comfort and you almost cannot tell it's from stock or not, just a little firmer at the bumps. Perfect for daily drivers like me. I will recommend higher end H&R adjustable coilovers for tracks, I don't...
  6. cmcm

    wheel alignments questions......

    Guys I made an appointment for my H&R cup kit to install at one of the APR dealer next wednesday, the personel told me to drive at least 1 full week before wheel alignment. Now, I'm still shopping my 18 or 19" wheel for my car, do I have to do 2 times on alignment or should i wait for my wheels...
  7. cmcm

    H & R cup kit just arrived

    Hi, UPS guy just handed me the Kit and post the picture right away! H&R recommends the original front & rear dust boot and bumpstop must be reinstalled on the H&R shock rods. My MKV does not equipped with 18" wheel option, so I don't have the bumpstop, you guys think I should go get it before...
  8. cmcm

    questions about installing 18" wheels

    "Must be used in conjunction with Bump Stops 000071501. A new rear alignment is required for vehicles originally equipped with 16" or 17" wheels." This is the requirements from VW if we want the 18" wheel option. Do we have any problems to install aftermarket 18" wheels?
  9. cmcm

    Questions about picking the wheels

    I was told that our MKV is using 5x112mm bolt pattern wheels, I thought all wheel says 5x112 will fit MKV. Actually, the Tirerack personel told me that was not the case. Some 5x112 may not fit because of the calipers' locations, so we can't just pick 5x112 aftermarket wheels, whatelse we have to...
  10. cmcm

    springs or coil-over?????

    Guys Just got the H&R springs from Tirerack today. I was told that the coilover is way better than just replacing the springs. Some members said the xenon was ok after the installation, some not. any comments????:iono:
  11. cmcm

    Clutch modified?????/

    Anyone knows there's a way to reduce the distance between the clutch pedal and the floor??? or do I really have to replace the whole clutch and flywheel system??:thumbup:
  12. cmcm

    Tire Monitoring sys?

    Our MKV GTI has tire-monitoring sys i believe, any problems if I replacing the entire set of wheels and tires.:wink:
  13. cmcm

    Wider tires

    Any advantages if I use wider tires (wider wheel as well) at rear? and any differences I just use the spacers instead of using wider wheels? Enjoy yr cars.:thumbup:
  14. cmcm

    Dealers will install H&R??

    Guys, anyone have tried to let the dealers install the H&R and the wheels? or they won't do this at all??:confused: :confused:
  15. cmcm

    Turbo Cool Down??

    Just picked up my GTI yesterday, I was told that the recent turbo design doesn't need any cool down period before shut the ignition off, is it true????:confused: :confused: