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  1. BeveStrown

    FS | R32T | 42k | $20k | #2!

    I’ve struggled with this decision for a while, but my loss will certainly be your gain – this R32 is the peak of the MkV mountain. Being able to metro to work has changed having a car from a necessity to a luxury, and I’ve only put 15k miles on the car in the past two and a half years – it's...
  2. BeveStrown

    DSG won't shift past 2nd gear during adaptation...WTF?!

    My R32 is experiencing the classic DSG recall symptoms. Went to get it swapped out for a new MU, and during the adaptation process it won't shift past 2nd gear. The change between 1 & 2 is smooth, and the MFD and adaptation screen will show the R in 3, 4, 5 & 6. Put the original one back in and...
  3. BeveStrown

    Sox @ Nats

    Don't know why, but the Red Sox are playing an exhibition game at Nationals Stadium on Tuesday April 3rd @ 2pm All my friends have real jobs and can't get off work. I'm actually starting on myself on the 4th and am determined to enjoy my last day of freedom. Any other Sox fans (or Nats) trying...
  4. BeveStrown

    Converting to the da.:Rkside

    My plan was to keep my 2006 GTI until 2016 when the MkVII R (hopefully) debuts. But then I stumbled across a VWoA built big turbo MkV R32, and I couldn't resist! The fact that the OEM built it, maintained it, I put it on the lift at my dealership and that its number 2 of 5,000 sealed the deal...
  5. BeveStrown

    What should I bring back for my MkV?

    Going to England for my cousin's wedding same weekend as SOWO unfortunately. What euro parts for my MkV should I bring back? Do you think it'd even be cheaper than ordering online?
  6. BeveStrown

    Vag-Com change to the convenience blinkers

    I have read conflicting information on this, had no luck on search so I though I'd see if anyone can answer definitively: Can you change the number of times your turn signal flashes with a vag-com when you just press the stalk down and release? Stock it is 3, but I feel like I sometimes rush...
  7. BeveStrown

    I will vag-com for beers

    Just got my Christmas present (2 months late). Its a VCDS cable that I keep with a netbook in my GTI. I'm willing to help out anyone that is looking for some vag work!
  8. BeveStrown

    Will the euro chrip alarm fit in my GTI?

    We got a 2005.5 Jetta in (w/200k!) at work. When locking it, I noticed that it has the euro chirp instead of the obnoxious beep. I've seen the DIY over on the tex. Would the horn from the Jetta fit into my GTI? Don't really wanna take both cars apart without knowing first!
  9. BeveStrown

    2006 MkV power steering adjustment

    Got my Christmas present today - a VCDS! I've had my buddy do the basic stuff (everything here) and for my first use of my new cable I want to venture into messing with the power steering. Allegedly, on 2006 MkVs only you can change how much power assist in the steering there is. I couldn't...
  10. BeveStrown

    Critique My Photo Booth setup (MkV and pic heavy content)

    I set up an indoor photo booth at work (VW Dealership) At 20' by 40' and 12' tall its a big room. Painted the floor neutral gray, walls hi-gloss white and installed a drop ceiling. It is lit by 3 metal-halide lights that were left over from lighting the lot. They point directly at the...
  11. BeveStrown

    Exhuast Rattles like a 1982 Rabbit Diesel

    So I got a used AWE TurboBack exhaust on about a month ago. I did the install myself under the supervision of the master tech here at the dealership. Initially it rattled against a support, but we bent that down. Now it has started up again and is getting progressively worse. It always rattles...
  12. BeveStrown

    What have you named your GTI?

    Alot of people have names for their cars. Like my old minivan that's in my avatar. We called her Chewie because of the Chewbacca like noises the power steering made. What have you named your GTI/.:R32/Rabbit?
  13. BeveStrown

    Modding for Longevity...Oxymoron?

    Or just regular moron? Hear me out. I want to top 175,000 miles, but I have been bitten by the mod bug. Current ones are: 2006 GTI DSG pkg2 w/Nav 72,xxx miles Burns > 1qt per oil change DG Springs 18" Budapest wheels AWE Turbo Back Cosmetics I do want "moar fast" but in no way think, or want...
  14. BeveStrown

    Just One

    First time putting up pictures. C&C welcome
  15. BeveStrown

    Rattling Sunroof Switch - Suggestions?

    Just got my nikibrewer Uberstealth sub fixed on Friday. It only took a year and 3 subs, but hopefully the Pioneer I shoehorned in there holds up better than the MB Quarts (RIP) Everything is gravy except my sunroof dial switch rattles. Bout to go on a marathon drive this week (VA to NH and...
  16. BeveStrown

    Warranty Extension to 10/120k on PCV

    VWoA is covering the intake manifold runner control motor, fuel pressure sensor (G410) and the Positive Crankcase Ventilation valve (PCV) for 10 years or 120k All they need is a DV extension and all the bases will be covered
  17. BeveStrown

    Is there any way to tell how much oil a 2.0T burns without driving it for 1,000 miles

    I think oil consumption is the biggest thing if you were going to purchase any used 2.0T as it is the best indicator of overall reliability. Problem is, you can't really know until you drive the car for some bit. Is there anything you can look for while the car is on the lot? Oil change frequency?
  18. BeveStrown

    Wheel refinisher remomendations?

    Just got a set of new wheels. Some curb rash, nothing crazy. I am OCD so I really want it done right, I have seen plenty of piss poor work. Anyone want to recomend someone?
  19. BeveStrown

    What wheels are these? Ever seen them on a GTI?

    Off of a 2010 Passat Komfort Wagon I want them on my GTI, currently rocking these: