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  1. SpoonGTi

    FS: 17" Detroits

    FS: 17" Denvers they have been recently rebalanced and new valve stems and are still mounted with the stock tires but they only have about 5 percent tread on them. They are ready to go to be mounted on the car. Keep in mind they have lots of scuffs and one of the wheels has a small bent lip on...
  2. SpoonGTi

    Racelands dead coil

    Does anyone have a picture or pictures of what the coil should look like after cutting the dead coil and where exactly do you cut it?
  3. SpoonGTi

    Revo Sale again for Month of Feb 2011 Revo has their sale again for 399. Get its while its hot.
  4. SpoonGTi

    Plans for a Dyno Meet at Canyon Racer Motorsports

    I was speaking with a good friend of mine about planning a Dyno Meet at Mike's Canyon Racer Motorsports just like last year and we were hoping to gather a few people again for this year. This thread is to see who is interested on going to get their car dynoed. I don't know what the going rate on...
  5. SpoonGTi

    steering wheel controls died out of the blue

    Yesturday my steering wheel controls were working fine, then this morning my controls weren't working at all. I checked the fuse and it's still in good condition. Here's the scan. Oh yeah i'm at no warranty. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  6. SpoonGTi

    FS: Suspension parts/OEM Intake/UG Paint

    I've posted these springs before but I've been getting people backing out on them. Here are Driver Gear springs from VW for the 2dr '08 Mk5. It's specific to the 2dr with DSG tranny. Asking 100 (if you want these shipped, your paying for it) Next are Eibach Sportlines. SOLD Stock OEM...
  7. SpoonGTi

    WTB:Used Defi gauage parts.

    Anyone would any used Defi gauge parts that they need. I have a Defi boost gauge (BF Series) but I'm missing parts for it. I need the power cable and the boost sensor. Or if you want to trade for a psi gauge. I have the boost gauge that reads in bar and it would also be great to trade for the...
  8. SpoonGTi

    WTT a PS3 and a game for a head unit that has nav

    Anyone have a head unit that has nav that is willing to trade for a underused PS3 with God of War Collection and upgraded hard drive (160GB).
  9. SpoonGTi

    FS: DriverGear springs and stock air box/cover

    I have a set of DriverGear springs that should work on any Mk5 technically. Only had them on for about 20k miles still have the stock bump stops too The part number for the Driver Gear springs for a 2-dr. MkV GTI w/DSG is 1K0071677VA. Asking 100 UPDATE: I'll consider shipping but shipping is...
  10. SpoonGTi

    Changing out your key fob battery

    I say the picture says for itself. Just helping out
  11. SpoonGTi

    stock numbers sound good.. what do you think?

    I finally did a baseline dyno my GTI with 56k miles and I expected around 170ish but it was impressive. But the only performance mod I have is the Neuspeed intake. No chip, no DP.. nothing else but the P-Flo intake.
  12. SpoonGTi

    harmful to your health.. your car's health

    this is about.. oh 3-4 weeks worth of sluge since the last purge. Since we've been having rainy weekends lately in SoCal.. this is what the catch can has caught.
  13. SpoonGTi

    Motor4Toys charity event on Dec. 6

    My gf and I are going to the Motor4Toys charity and it was a pretty good turn out last year and there was a good amount of dubbers there too (mostly the SoCal32 club was there) but I'm trying to see if anyone else is interested and it's for a good cause. Just bring a toy(s) to donate that's of...
  14. SpoonGTi

    modified BSH stage 1 to stg 2 with an M7 catch can

    Finally got to install my catch can setup during the weekend..sorry I didn't post this earlier.
  15. SpoonGTi

    Wheel locks and dealershits = epic fail

    I recently lost my wheel lock during my whole DIY spring install and I was hoping to go to a dealership so they can take off my wheel locks and replace them with another set of lugs that I had on hand. All I just wanted to borrow or have one of their mechanics take them off. But how can a...
  16. SpoonGTi

    Check this out.. it's the New Egg on the block..hehe

    NewEgg has a '09 GTI and they have a site comming up tomorrow about it on im pluggin this becasue im a big fan of newegg and their prices are insane.
  17. SpoonGTi

    VAG-COM at SoCalEuro

    I'm bringing the VAG-COM with me to SoCalEuro this weekend. If you guys need something modded like the windows mod, DRL's, etc or need to get scanned let me know if your interested. Hit me up on PM or email at so that I can hit you up at the meet.
  18. SpoonGTi

    DSG Flush service: DIY or Dealer/Shop

    Right now I'm debating on taking my car to a shop or a dealer have them do the flush or go commando and doing it myself. I'm very tight on money and have barely enough to buy the DSG service kit from ECS. The advantage I have is that I have a VAG-COM which is needed to do the service to check...
  19. SpoonGTi

    MotorTrend on Wustefest

    My girlfriend's article on Wustefest finally went live on MotorTrend. Enjoy it.
  20. SpoonGTi

    someone's been really busy

    Guess who been really busy especially with the competition