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  1. Nikerey

    FS: Micro-CAN Vag Com

    Selling a Micro-CAN vag com. Brand new, never been used. $160 shipped in the lower 48.
  2. Nikerey

    FS: The Left Overs (random OEM stuff)

    I just sent the GTI back to VW at the end of its lease so I have a number of parts I pulled off or had laying around. All parts are from a 2006 GTI FSI DSG unless otherwise stated. Strong emphasis on the OBO. Its either getting sold or going in the trash. Any offers that arn't worth me going...
  3. Nikerey

    LED inline with Taillight

    Hey i know our cars are very sensitive to changes in taillight bulbs and such. Is it possible to add an LED in line with the taillight so that the LED and brake lights light up at the same time? Or will this cause a "Brake Light out" message from the MFD? Any help would be apreciated.
  4. Nikerey

    FS/FT: Audi Fat Fives 18" Flat Black

    Im selling my Audi Fat Five wheels. They are 18x8.5 with an offset of about 45 (no poke, just flush). They are finished in a flat black powdercoat. They were stipped of all OEM clear, paint and primer. Then they were professionally powdercoated. The powder is called "black lava." I will also...
  5. Nikerey

    Custom Exhaust: Tips

    So im getting ready to build a custom Cat-back (already have the ATP DP) were going with either Magnaflow or Borla mufflers, and a resonator to be named later. 3" all the way through which has raised a problem. We cant find a 3" exhaust tip. All the tips we find are 2.25 or 2.5" inlets. Whats...
  6. Nikerey

    FS: GIAC Flashloader $100

    FS: GIAC Flashloader $100 Shipped SOLD Just like the title says, its a GIAC Flashloader for the MKV. Used to switch between programs on the ECU. Has only been plugged into the car a few times. Selling because i am switching software. $100 shipped to lower 48 $105 shipped to Canada Pic...
  7. Nikerey

    Suspension Set Up Questions

    Ok i figured id start here since the Tex can be a bit painful at times. Im getting ready to install my new Hotchkis sways soon and im trying to figure out what settings i should set everything at. Currently installed: FK Silverline X+ Coils Stern Rear Subframe brace The coils in front are set...
  8. Nikerey

    DIY: Forge MKIV Coolant and Oil Caps

    So after spending some time at Forge and talking to a couple other dubbers here in town we came to realise that the MKV can use the MKIV Coolant and Oil cap covers made by Forge. Parts Needed - Forge MKIV...
  9. Nikerey

    FS: Audi A8 Fat Fives

    Price Drop Hey guys im selling my Audi A8 Fat Fives. They are 18"x8.5" the offset is in the 40s but i dont remember exactly what it is. I had 215/40 tires on it and they looked really good. Here is a pic of the way the wheels came to me However i have since stripped the OEM paint and...
  10. Nikerey

    2nd Annual MKV/2.0T Florida Get Together
  11. Nikerey

    2nd Annual MKV/2.0T Florida Get Together along with Forge MotorSport and APR present the 2nd Annual Florida MKV/2.0T Get Together. When : Sept 8th @ 12:00 Noon Where : Eurotechnik AutoSport - 2818 S. Mellonville Ave Sanford, FL 32773 - MapQuest What : The 2nd Annual MKV/2.0T Florida Get Together...
  12. Nikerey

    Interior Lights Problem

    So i found out tonight that all my interior lights dont work. I normally have them off when i get in the car so i have no idea how long they have been out, but the front two dome lights the ones above the rear seat and the hatch light all dont work. Could i have blown a fuse? I pulled the...
  13. Nikerey

    GIAC Stage 2 Boost?

    Hey is anyone running the new Exhaust files from GIAC? Theres one for 2.75" and 3" exhausts. Someone was telling me that the 3" file doesnt run as much boost as the previous X+/Hammer whatever they call it file. That doesnt make sense to me though.
  14. Nikerey

    Oil Pressure Gauge Problem

    Ok so i had an Oil Pressure gauge installed over the weekend. Everything works fine but theres one odd thing. When i turn the headlights on, the gauge drops about 4-5 PSI, then if i turn the fogs on its another 2 psi, but no drop if i turn the rear fog on. This make sense to anyone? The gauge...
  15. Nikerey

    Forge DV Review (with pics)

    Ok so i was able to get the Forge Diverter Valve installed on Sat. Once again Mike rocks and did almost all the work for me. I watched and helped where i could. Overall it seems very simple and anyone that has at least worked on a car and knowns whats going on should be able to handle it. My...
  16. Nikerey

    Keys stuck in ignition

    So i just got home and my keys are stuck in the ignition. I can turn the car on and off, but they wont turn far enough backwards to be able to pull the key out. The wheel isnt locked and the car is in park, soooo WTF? The car is in the garage locked so no need to try and come steal it.
  17. Nikerey

    Forge FMIC Installed

    So last Friday i finally got a chance to get over to Forge here in Orlando to get my Twintercooler installed. Here are some pics. Mike painting the Forge Logo on the intercooler Finished logo Removing the bumper you have to disconnect the headlight washers and we disconnected the wrong one...
  18. Nikerey

    Now This is a Teaser

    Ok ive seen some of the weak teaser posts poping up lately so i decided to do a real one. Here is my mod for SFLGTG this weekend. A couple people have seen this when it was half done but now its fully done. Youll get a better pic tomorrow
  19. Nikerey

    Whats wrong with this picture?

    100 bonus points to the first one who points out what is soo very wrong with this picture. There are a couple things wrong, but one thats really wrong.
  20. Nikerey

    NewSouth OffSet Dash Pod

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but i didnt see it. NewSouth redesigned their DashPod and made it look alot better. Discussion on the Tex