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    Hazard Switch

    best $8 upgrade to rid your interior of that bright red hazard switch dark cherry smoked hazard switch!
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    Euro Cup Holder will it work?
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    7M MAPS

    anybody have a copy I could "borrow"?
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    Key Shell Swap

    In light of the Bentley key housing swaps etc I decided to find a way to have the look without the price or other hard work aliexpress I go to search out VW key cases and I found one that looked like the Bentley key but with a spot for a VW logo and it was only $11. So, I buy it...
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    Horrible Engine Noise

    Got home from a drive lastnight and pull in to the driveway and all we hear is this horrible engine noise at idle. A little background info: 2007 GTI 94,XXXkm DSG Purchased CPO'd November 2010 Appt. For this Friday to check it out Any ideas...
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    3.5mm Stereo Jack in Blank Switch Location

    I know it's probably been done before but it's the first thing I've done to my GTI since I got it. I was tired of my aux cable just dangling aimlessly from between the passenger seat and cupholder so I got a 3.5mm stereo jack and put it in one of the blank switch spots by the ashtray. For $2 and...
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    2007 5DR, DSG, PKG2

    I'm going in tomorrow to hopefully buy this car if the dealer is willing to entertain me with the price. is expecting $22k out the door all said and done being unreasonable? I...
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    East Coasters, You Getting Snowed in Again??

    Satellite images look like you guys are gettin the shit end of this late winter storm, how things goin for ya???
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    89 Ralleye Golf VR6 Swap...$22,000??
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    Arts & Crafts Time try these super detailed paper crafts on for size...some of you are snowed in...git er done! :headbang:
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    how NOT to remove a broken lug bolt some people's kids....:mad0259:
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    Nice Price or Crack Pipe? 84 GTI