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    Both radiator fans running constantly

    I noticed this a while ago but I thought it was my spirited driving but now that winter is here there has been no change. Both fans are running all the time when the engine is on. It's not normal. The AC is off obviously. Ambient temp sensor works as I get an accurate reading of outside temp in...
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    Rear vented brakes options

    Other than Golf R rears is there another carrier/caliper/disc combo that will bolt on and work with the stock parking brake system on the mk5 platform? Looking to upgrade the rears to vented and I would like to know what are my options. TIA.
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    Pulling the head - advice needed

    As my smoke at idle issue is only getting worse I plan to pull the head off the engine and send it to be checked and valve stem seals replaced by a specialized shop. I will be ordering IE seals for both intake and exhaust valves...
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    Smoke at idle

    Started experiencing this last winter and it would come and go which is the strangest thing. When the engine is fully warmed up after about 20 seconds of idling gray smoke starts to come out of the exhaust. Clearly the smell is of burnt oil, not coolant. It doesn't happen all the time but more...
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    Fighting with P2177 (running lean)

    I've been fighting this code for about 5 weeks, threw new parts at it (MAF, front O2 sensor, G247 fuel rail sensor) and did a smoke test through the intake (no leaks). New valve cover and fuel filter were replaced earlier in December. Cam follower was replaced in October. I run a K04 with...
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    Can't decide on clutch kit

    Guys I really need some help with choosing a clutch kit for K04. I've been getting a clanking noise when releasing the clutch for about a year (I suspect the TOB and pressure plate), clutch engaging is not smooth unless I try really hard, so i believe it's a mess down there and I need to change...
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    Cheap intercooler

    Is anyone using one of these? Looks very similar to the CTS one: It's probably made in China and don't expect the cooling...
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    fighting an EVAP leak

    Hi Guys, I posted this on vwvortex technical forum but there's no more feedback from anyone regarding this topic so I was thinking of trying here as well. Here is my issue and all the details...
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    ignition coils replacement options

    Yesterday I got the first misfires since owning the car. Cylinder 3 misfired so I swapped the coil with cylinder 4 and the misfires switched to this cylinder. So it's time to get new coils. As I never changed ignition coils before I did some reading about what options are out there. I stumbled...