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  1. Finglonga

    Driving thru a 2ft puddle of water

    The locals know when to avoid it after rain but sat navs direct cars down there and the stupid drivers ignore the warning signs as you approach.
  2. Finglonga

    Should I buy an R32?

    Plus - The amazing sound of the engine. Minus - Everything else as it is now too dated.
  3. Finglonga

    Anybody else getting this message when opening the forum?

    Yes on Windoes, it is an expired Security Certificate.
  4. Finglonga

    The UK might ban fossil fuel cars by 2030

    Ban the sale of new ones. If they do they need to get the charging stations rolled out very quickly as they are few and far between now.
  5. Finglonga

    Golf vs Long Golf?

    Size wise it is only 30cm longer than the hatchback to you wont notice the size.
  6. Finglonga

    OBDEleven/VCDS Equivalent?

    Look on the Carista site, they are the equivalent but not as advanced and cheap to use.
  7. Finglonga

    Why Has New Forum Redesign Changed My User Name/Log-in?

    Surely sign out and sign in again with the newer account?
  8. Finglonga

    The Model 3 ruined my life

    Jaguar are just about to release a performance one so keep your eyes open.
  9. Finglonga

    The Model 3 ruined my life

    Tesla are just the Guinea pigs of the electric car, when other brands come on they will be left behind. As said recently, Musk has factories making batteries, the others don't, so now he has his foot in the door he will sell the batteries to other manufacturers. Give it a few years for the rest...
  10. Finglonga

    anybody else having "quote" issues with Firefox

    Working for me since last update as well, wasn't working yesterday. I thought it was Adblock Plus or Popup Blocker Ultimate but was the same when they were disabled.
  11. Finglonga

    Don't Think I Want a Tesla

    They need to get their factories sorted....
  12. Finglonga

    Big brother is watching!

    Nanny state, mind judging by how quick the standard of driving is going it may be needed. There will be a huge loss of revenue from speed cameras though.
  13. Finglonga

    Tesla's Big Announcement?

    Why would you with the F-Pace coming out soon. The Tesla looked dated when they came out only gimmicks sold them. There is a video on FaceTube somewhere showing how badly the chassis is built from mix and match parts. They need to update their production line to keep up with the others now.
  14. Finglonga

    Solar-powered battery tenders

    That is because the power socket is dead with the ignition off and no charger plugged intomit would do anything unless you do the fuse mod to make it permanently live.
  15. Finglonga

    Sunglasses for Driving

    I have Oakley Juliet's and Oakley Mad Men. You don't need to get new ones just for scratched lenses as on all Oakleys you can replace the lenses.
  16. Finglonga

    How to embed Vid here?!?!

    Like this.....;)
  17. Finglonga

    Windshield cracked need advice

    Just make sure everything works when it has been replaced and the trim on A Pillars and around rear view mirror is not damaged. Also the auto wiper "jelly" must not be damaged so try to watch them when they take it from the old screen and place it on the new one ( you will see what I mean when...
  18. Finglonga

    Which cellphone sucks less?

    Option A if you want to save money now. Option C if you want to save money in the long run.