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  1. arnette64


    if you want to be different , do something like this :
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    I'm pretty sure you'll change your mind when you see this in real :
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    Trying to find pics of 17'' Karthoum wheels ??

    Does anyone has already seen a mkv with 17'' karthoum (not 18'')?? And if yes does it look ok or does it look like sh*t? If someone have pics of it it would be better to see what it look like.. thnaks!!
  4. arnette64

    Widebody MKV GTI

    Look what I found, go check the first video.
  5. arnette64

    what do u guys think about this wheel?

    i found this last day.....maybe it gave you an idea
  6. arnette64

    Middle Tailight

    Is there a way to put lights in these middle taillight or they're just reflector??
  7. arnette64

    Photoshop concepts

    Here are a few concept made with photoshop that i've found on the net. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  8. arnette64

    Scirocco wheels

    had nobody already thought of putting the new scirocco wheels on his MKV?????
  9. arnette64

    What is the Brand and odel Of those Rims?????

    Hi everyone, i was wondering if someones can tell me what is the brand and the model of these wheels??